Tuesday, August 25, 2009


is what I've got.

No interesting clients (because we've been so slow), no funny bumper stickers or anyone who annoyed me so much I wanted to blog about it.


The only news I've got is the fact that I'm moving into my friend Keith's house on Friday. And that I've been procrastinating packing, which is really, really bad.

I'd better get on that!


Anonymous said...

That sounds fun! I wish I could visit you...:(

Christina RN LMT said...

It will happen, Tally. Either for Christmas or at the latest next summer.

Buck said...

Procrastination is its own reward, in a perverse sorta way. I'm talking about the incredibly motivating pressure you feel when it's almost too late... :D

memory_lucky12 said...

That feeling almost always happens with me. That's how I get good grades.

Heyyy Chrissie does Keith have the same interests as you?Sorry... I like the name Chrissie...

I hope we visit this Christmas...

Captain Tightpants said...

It wasn't a bumper sticker but saw a great sign yesterday for ya to laugh at:

"Free t-shirt with bail"

That's some advertising to the right demographic...

Enjoy the packing!

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

I feel your pain about having nothing. I have been singularly unmotivated in the blog department.
Maybe it's the season.

As a professional procrastinator, I always get my best work done at the 11th hour.

Christina RN LMT said...

Buck, I have a love-hate relationship with procrastination and how it makes me feel. I do NOT like the stress, but I do like how I feel when I've finally gotten things done.

Chaos, I usually do the same for homework, etc., but it did bite me in the ass once this past semester, so I've learned my lesson!
I'm not really sure what Keith's interests are, he will be my roommate and landlord, not my boyfriend, after all!

Sean, considering your profession, you HAVE to buy one of those shirts!
I don't know about enjoying the packing, but I always enjoy getting rid of stuff.
Thanks for stopping by!

Buckskins Rule, honestly, there's nothing much going on here. And yes, I'm unmotivated. ARGH.

Regarding procrastination: You should have seen Silver and me packing up her stuff for HER move! That was more like "Twelfth Hour"!