Tuesday, February 10, 2009

O. M. G........

Remember this?

On Friday, I, along with four other colleagues, will be lip-syncing this in front of hundreds of employees and casino patrons.

What the fuck was I thinking? The first thing you learn in the military is "NEVER VOLUNTEER." I guess the lesson didn't stick. It's even on my day off.


It's for this rally, employee morale boosting, crapola whatever thing. If we win, we get this stuffed monkey. EVERY department wants the stuffed monkey, they'll even try to kidnap it. But it shall be ours, oh yes!

I get to be Posh Spice, now known as Victoria Beckham. Back then, when she wasn't a size -4, she was actually hot. Time to scrounge through my closet...

Oh, and video will possibly be forthcoming!


Buck said...

Remember this?

Ummm... no. There are some places I don't go in life and this is apparently one of 'em. Do "Spice Girls" have anything to do with nutmeg and/or coriander? ;-)

But... that said... Good Luck! Srsly. I think you're gonna need it. I only went about 1:30 into the vid, but methinks this will be a bee-yotch to lip-synch, given the rapid-fire pace of the lyrics. And I MOST definitely wanna see the vid of you and friends doing this!

Christina LMT said...

We have the lyrics, and it's actually not so difficult...plus Posh, who I'm going to be, hardly sings at all! Mostly just the chorus. If there's video available, I'll try to get it up here.