Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm NOT complaining...

just stating for the record that I'm very, very tired.

In the four days of my work-week I did 32 hour-long massages and two body scrubs.
That's a lot of rubbin'. The skin on my forearms is raw, thanks to the many men I massaged (hair, you know). But, I really can't, or shouldn't, complain, since I made a lot of money this week. And that's good.

I WILL complain, however, about Ed's client in our last side-by-side massage. Her voice was incredibly annoying; that high, squeaky kind that so many men (inexplicably) find attractive. More annoying was her habit of not using the face cradle and instead turning her head sideways on the table to WATCH ME WHILE I MASSAGED HER BOYFRIEND.
Most annoying by far was the fact that she told her dithering boyfriend after the massage how much to tip me. Wow, five whole dollars. I'm gonna be rich now! Fellas and dames, go with your gut when it comes to tipping. Don't listen to your partner, they're usually cheaper than you!

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