Friday, June 13, 2008


This past Tuesday, my fourteen-year-old twin daughters arrived from the Midwest to spend (most) of the summer with me. I'm so happy! They've been known as Thing 1 and Thing 2 on this blog, but I gave them the option of choosing their own handles so here they are...(they take after their father, in that they almost always have to make faces when having a picture taken):

Here's Tahlia, or Tally for short (formerly Thing 1):


And Chaos (aka Thing 2):


Here are all three of my daughters together, a rare sight! From left, Silver, Tally, and Chaos:


Expect light posting for the next week or so, especially since I'm also taking an on-line class!

Don't worry, though...I always find time to read everyone else's blogs!


Putz said...

wow, your life swings

Tally_Angel said...

Wow they're all so good looking, I wonder where they get their looks from...

Ihr gro├čer Bruder said...

You read too much Dr. Seuss.

phlegmfatale said...

*LOL* @tally-angel -

They're all so clever -- I wonder whence they get their wit?

HollyB said...

Ok, Ok, enough with all the's been a week already...I want a new post.
And oh, yeah. your girls are cute.

the Angel Baby Girl at that age wore black eyeliner and had a plastic fetus hanging from a noose as a necklace. Get down on your knees and Thank whatever god you worship!

Anonymous said...

Wow the girls look great!! Tell Silver, Z and I say Happy Birthday.
Muffin 1