Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Massage Humor

You had to've been there...

Me (receiving a totally BRUTAL deep-tissue massage by K.): You know, after a day of doing massage my right shoulder is totally jacked-up right *here* (digging my thumb just into the space between shoulder and armpit).

K: The coracoid process?

Me: The coracoid process is more medial, isn't it?

K: No, the coracoid process, you know (crooking her pointer finger), it's the head of the pecker!

Me: WHAT?!

K: The bird's pecker!

Me: You mean the beak, right?

K: Yeah, the thing the bird pecks with. Damn, I can't get my tongue wrapped around my IQ today!

Much hilarity ensued. Also when I told her she'd make a great dominatrix (this while I was whimpering in pain as she was mauling my scapulae). She told me to bark like a dog...

Yes, Mistress!

Woof, woof.


Sonja said...

"I can't get my tongue wrapped around my IQ today"
That's verbal brilliance right there.

Christina said...

Hey, I was impressed enough to blog about it!

She (K.) is my role model.
64 years old, works four ten-hour shifts weekly doing massage, has her private clients, too. Was a long-haul trucker for 27 years, then decided to change careers at age 59.
She is totally awesome!

phlegmfatale said...

Aw, I suspect you're just being modest- I'll bet you've inspired a bit of barking yourself since you've been a professional. (and prolly before then, too!)

Christina said...



4chun Cookie said...

WOW, I remember when K gave me a little foot rub when I was a test model getting a Slim n Sculpt. Man, that was a bit painful! And she even said that's her soft touch!

phlegmfatale said...

Rawk on, girl! Dig those knuckles in-- you know we want it!

10% said...

You folks are tough. I'm a wimp, I want to relax, not wince in pain (one thing I learned, was to speak up if the pressure was to much).

Uncle Fester said...

Man, some people have all the fun.

Christina said...

10% - I'm generally a total wimp when it comes to pressure, but in this case, I knew I needed it, and K. was the one to deliver!
And it's good that you speak up. A lot of clients (especially MEN) feel they have to be all macho, but then I notice they're holding their breath, or they're very tense OR their muscles are twitching...sorry, I'm going to ease up then.

Uncle Fester - who has all the fun?
Me or K.?!