Monday, November 19, 2007


Tomorrow I start a new phase in my life.

Sounds overly dramatic, but it's true!

Tomorrow I start my first week as a full-time massage therapist.

Since I came back from maternity leave, I've been working the front desk of the spa Tuesdays-Thursdays, while only doing overflow massage, assuming there was another front desk coordinator there to cover for me (which wasn't often).
Friday and Saturday were my only "true" massage days.

Now we have two new front desk personnel (whom I helped train to do things MY WAY the right way), and I'll be exclusively doing massage every day.

I'm so happy!

Plus my hours changed so I'll be getting home earlier (that's good), which necessitates getting UP earlier (not-so-good).

But I'm happiest because this means much, much more blog-fodder to feed you with!

And I know that just thrills you all to pieces, right?


*sounds of stifled laughter drifting through the ether*

Oh, well.


Trashman said...

First you are correct about the mark of death. I once dumped a girl on the same day I had her tattooed on me. Second. Happy endings?

Christina RN LMT said...

No happy endings! At least, not the kind I assume you're referring to.
Like I said earlier, Spring Mountain Road.
That's where Chinatown is, and that's where we send all the creepy dudes who ask if we have any "oriental masseuses", or if they can have a line-up of the masseuses to pick which one they get the massage from!
I'm a nationally certified and state licensed massage THERAPIST.
Not a masseuse, not a "rub-and-tug" artist.

phlegmfatale said...

This IS a thrill, and congratulations to you, darling! Can't wait for more gluteal cleft stories, and the like. Rub on, rub off!

Chuck said...

Well that sounds great! And yeah...we love the massage table blog stories. I'm still waiting for the one where "it" moves...

Christina RN LMT said...

I try not to look at "it" at all, if I can avoid it. Though I do have a story I will NOT share here, about a newly-wed wife who had reason to be very, very happy, if you know what I mean...;)

Christina RN LMT said...

And thanks for the well wishes, folks!

4chun Cookie said...

WOW!! This is GREAT!! U'll have to email me ur new hours! I love ur massage stories! Too bad I'm not there to experience it when it happens! Ugh, people suck! (R)

Christina RN LMT said...

Hey, Cookie!
Tell me about it...
though our new gals are definitely an improvement (of course, I trained them...)! ;)
Tues-Sat 8-4
Talked to Dr. B. today, will e-mail details.