Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yesterday the Geek Squad made an appearance at my home to set up a new wireless network, since we'd switched from Embarq DSL (boo-hiss!) to Cox Cable Internet (yay!) the day before. My dogs of course were in heaven that a strange man was in our apartment. They had to stay with us in the bedroom and observe everything carefully (wait, that sounds bad...). Thankfully, Matt knows, loves, and owns dogs, otherwise the situation would have been bad.
I feed my dogs lots of vegetables and fruit, they love it and will om-nom-nom gleefully, amusing all who watch. Unfortunately, sometimes the results are rather *ahem* fragrant, shall we say?
So there we were, Matt doing his thing and I observing, with Harley going back and forth between us, just giving affection.
Then Harley released a cloud of toxic gas, reminiscent of a skunk fed on rotten eggs, a skunk who decided to roll in some over-ripe limburger cheese before stopping by for a lingering visit.


"Harley," I exclaimed. "How heinous of you!" I apologized profusely to Matt, hoping all the while he didn't think it was actually ME with the nasty ass. Then Harley let loose again. We needed gas masks and Hazmat suits at this point. Matt wasn't done yet, though, so we persevered. Finally the job was finished and we were able to leave the lethal zone.

All the while, Harley was being his cute, affectionate, TOTALLY INNOCENT self.


His ass should come with a warning, is all I'm sayin'.


Brigid said...

You made me laugh so hard. When I was really young, a young man invited me to dinner at his parents house. They were VERY wealthy and it was a dinner like you'd see in some movie, with a long white table, and 5 courses and a butler. During the meal, in which little talking was done, their dog, a hunting hound of sorts, passed gas in the WORST way (though I can't describe it as well as you). No one said anything. It happened again. Total silence. Finally Mum, in a very clipped upper class British accent said to her husband "Hugh. . put . . the . . .dog. . . out". and I just lost it laughing.

And no, I wasn't invited back. :-)

Buck said...

My female Black Lab/Border Collie cross had issues in this space, too. It was hilarious, at times, especially when she'd fart while napping and LEAP up, spin around and look for all the world like she was saying "WTF was THAT!??!" And there were times when she'd let one fly and then come over and sniff YOUR nether parts... thereby shifting blame. Swear ta God on that last! ;-)

Nice one, Brigid!

Christina LMT said...

Brigid, I feel for you! I'd have been unable to control my laughter, too. It's their loss that you weren't invited back. Folks should grow a sense of humor, for goodness sake!

Buck, I'd have paid good money to see that (but not to smell it!) She sounds like my kinda dog.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! That seems like something my dad would do.

Christina LMT said...

What, Tally...fart and blame it on the dog...*lol*?!