Sunday, February 01, 2009

Conversations with Clients (First edition)

First Conversation

Me: So, are there any areas you'd like me to focus on?

Client: Oh, absolutely!

*looks at me expectantly*

Me,thinking: Oh, I'm so sorry, my powers of telepathy seem to be on the fritz at the moment!

Me: And these areas would be...?

Client: Shoulders and neck!

Me: Let's get started then.

Second Conversation (verbatim!)

I'm working on a male client from Arkansas, have just started massaging his back

Client: Excuse me, Miss? Would you mind massaging my butt?

Me, thinking: And would you like some Grey Poupon with that?

*Sorry, just recently re-watched "Wayne's World"!*

Me: No problem, it's a full-body massage!

*My inner snark is improving!*


Buck said...

*My inner snark is improving!*

Good... as long as ya keep it inner, verdad? ;-)

Christina LMT said...

True, dat!