Friday, April 04, 2008

Overheard in a classroom this evening...

Professor at the white-board, explaining two ways to solve a problem...

Christina raises hand and is called upon by prof: Can you also solve it this way...*blah, blah, blah*?

Prof: Absolutely, very good, Christina!

Snot-nosed kid sitting next to Christina: Is that how you learned to do it in school?

Christina: Honestly, I think this is the first time I've ever done this's been over twenty years since I had algebra.

SNKSNTC: Seriously?! You don't LOOK that old!

Christina: Gee. Thanks.

And College Administration?

Parking a completely empty campus police car in front of the classroom building night after night is absolutely no deterrent to crime.

Neither is putting a reflective vest on a weenie and having him toodle around the campus in an electric golf-cart outfitted with a flashing yellow light and a decal that says "Public Safety Officer".

Your "campus security" is teh suxxor.


Lin M. said...

Putlic Safety Officer?. . been he doesn't even have a real Public Safety weapon

Christina LMT said...

Probably just a flashlight!

HollyB said...

The better to spotlight the victim with...!

Christina LMT said...

It really is a joke. Unfortunately.