Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bank of America, you suck!

Bank of America is made of fail.

I rarely use checks, but I make an exception for the rent. I finally got to my second-to-last book of checks, and it had that little notice on it, you know: "It's time to reorder your checks!" So I did. I made absolutely no changes to my order, everything should have been no problem, only when I got my new checks and did the "careful examination" they recommend, I noticed they'd misspelled my last name.
This is a common occurrence, since my last name has two capital letters (don't blame me, it's my married name!). I wouldn't make a fuss about it, but all my account info has the name spelled with both capitals, and that's how I sign my name, too.
So I called the phone number given to use in cases of errors, spent 15 minutes on hold, and then about five more explaining what the problem was. By the way, the same thing happened last time I ordered checks...
So, I was assured it was no problem, they'd make the correction and (gasp) wouldn't charge me for the new checks (they'd better not, I'd be seriously pissed if I had to pay twice for their fuck-up). The new checks came today. Of course, you've guessed it already...they made the same damn mistake!
How incompetent do you have to be to do that?
Screw dealing with the phone, I'm going to my bank branch tomorrow, and talking to the folks there face-to-face. They've always been very kind and helpful. And this time, THEY get to shred the messed-up checks.

On a completely different note...what's with the lack of comments lately? I'm aware that unlike moi, the rest of you actually have lives, but come on! Am I being shunned? Am I persona non grata? Don't you lurve me any more *sniff sniff*?


rdobson said...

I wish every American would visit BankAmericaChecking.com The site is very educational.

Saddly the domain name is for sale at Tdnam.com.

Christina LMT said...

Well, there's certainly a lot of valuable information there, rdobson, thanks!

phlegmfatale said...

I'm not shunning ya! I think it's just a busy time. Taxes, spring fever - there's lots going on with a lot of folks, I spose. :)

I still love ya!

Christina LMT said...

That's what Silver always tells me, too. "People have lives, Mom! They're not reading blogs all day long, you know."

*sigh* I know...