Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lesson learned

Always turn the light on BEFORE breaking up a dogfight which is raging at 2AM on top of your sleeping bod.

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And don't let pups bring rawhide chews into bed with them...

I know the picture quality sucks ass, but I couldn't get the camera to focus better.

The stuff that looks like peeling skin around the bite? A massage therapist's best friend: Liquid bandage

Yes, I'm aware I've got "big guns", they're my not-so-secret massage weapon, especially my elbows.

And yes, I'm glow-in-the dark pale (aka "fish-belly white").


Chuck said...


Did you hear about the woman in Knoxville, Tennessee who was recently mauled to death by her two pet pit bulls? Her boyfriend left her for about 20 minutes to go to the store, came home and she was dead in the living room. Better watch out might be next!

Christina said...

Yeah, that would be an embarrassing way to go...mauled to death by my Italian Greyhounds, 15 and 20 pounds respectively...

Mauser*Girl said...

Having had pets for ... well, many years ... I have little and bigger scars all over my forearms and my hands. Ironically, most of them are from raising kittens. Those little bastards CLIMB. And BITE. And five of their six ends are POINTY. Grr.

I hope this heals well and doesn't get infected.

One thing you should know is that if it DOES get infected, and you have to be seen by a doctor, they usually can (and will) report it as a "dog bite". Seriously. Which can affect your homeowner's / renter's insurance, plus, it puts a bite history on your dog. (How asinine is that?!)

On a side note, I would dump the rawhide chews because they're laden with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. Some pretty nasty stuff.

Christina said...

Really? About the rawhide, I mean.

I didn't know that. They've been chewing so much lately, and rawhide seems the only thing that lasts more than a few hours.

phlegmfatale said...

yeowch!!! Lesson learned, eh? Still, that sucks! I hope it's all well on the mend by now, babe!

Christina said...

Fine now, just more scars added to my collection.

Thanks for asking!