Sunday, March 17, 2019

That time when... (no pun intended!)

That time when you're working the night shift when Daylight Saving Time starts.

And your *very insistent* patient demands that you adjust the clock in her room. Right. NOW.

And the clock slips out of your hand, falls to the floor, and on the way down triggers a Code Blue.

I can't make this shit up.


Old NFO said...

Oh well, everybody ELSE needed to be awake too, right? :-)

EMS Artifact said...

Our careers are made up of "You can't make this shit up moments."

Which is why I'll never write a book about my career. No one would believe I didn't make it up.

Fibril_late said...

Along the same lines: Working in CCU; the absolute moment the Timoptic eye drop landed on her eyeball, it triggered V-Tach. Almost immediately loss of consciousness occured, (but not long enough) as I immediately performed a precordial thump upon her chest and over her heart, which did, convert rhythm back to SR. What I mean is, she did not go completely out; therefore, this Elder, believed that I had just slugged her for no apparent good reason. Ultimately, we had to changed the nursing assignment, and I stayed out of her room for the rest of the night.