Monday, February 04, 2019

Overheard on the Cancer Ward

So, after having a *ahem* firm discussion with Eeyore* over the phone about why my patient, who's likely perfed his bowel, can't come to the radiology department for STAT portable x-rays, she finally shows up, and the following conversation takes place.

Me (joking while piling on the lead-lined gear, as I'm needed to hold the plate behind the patient for a specific view of the abdomen.):

"Meh, I get more radiation flying on a plane...and I'm almost fifty, I'm done having babies!"

Eeyore (seriously):

"You could always get cancer..."

Really? You don't say?  You realize that this is the oncology unit?! And we're in a room with a patient who was just diagnosed with lymphoma, a tumor of which likely punched a hole in his bowel about an hour ago...? And I'm an oncology nurse, who handles (carefully!) chemotherapy agents almost every shift?

Ugh. Some people.

*AKA the morose overnight x-ray tech


Old NFO said...

It takes all kinds... sigh

Lissa said...

Just finished my first clinical shift on an Oncology floor. I thought I'd find it depressing or at least sad, but it was so much more enjoyable than my first rotation at Assisted Living that I had a fantastic day. And the Accu-Vein thingy!! It's like having X-ray vision like Superman! How COOL is that!?!?

Christina RN LMT said...

Old NFO, you are right! And almost always, that's a very good thing. But in this case... ;)

Lissa, welcome to the Greatest Profession (in my not-so-humble opinion!).
Accu-Vein? What is this of which you speak?! I must do some research...

Lissa said...


My RN wheeled it over to the bedside, arranged the wand over the patient's antecubital fossa, and turned it on. And it was like turning into Superman: under the red light, you could see the whole roadmap of veins! Like, pulsing! It was amazing!!

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