Friday, September 07, 2012


I survived my first week of nursing school. Do I get a t-shirt?

The word I heard most often from my fellow students is "overwhelmed". I used it (much) more than once, myself! I really believe this semester must be another "weeding out" phase. Why should the school invest a bunch of time and effort into teaching someone, only to have them fail at the end? It makes more sense to throw us into the deep end at the beginning of the program.
I keep hearing, "If we can make it through this semester, we can make it to the end!"

I hope they're right!

I'll have my pic taken on Monday when I'm in my uniform. I might even post it here...;)

Oh, and whoever thinks online classes are easy, YOU ARE A MORON! Just sayin'...


Suldog said...

Yay! Bring on the photos of you in a nursing uniform! I'm revving up some old "dirty nuse" fantasies even as I write!

(No, not really. I'm not an old perv.)

(Well, OK, I am an old perv. But I don't think of YOU that way.)

(Unless you want me to.)

(I think this comment has overstepped the bounds of decency. I apologize. I'll leave now.)

(But don't forget to post the photos, OK? Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

COngrats on making it through the first week! Now memorize these mantras: I can do anything for 8 or 12 hours and The goal for today is that nobody dies and nobody gets hurt. As you continue in nursing these will be your cleansing thoughts as you struggle with under-staffed units, countless admissions and discharges in one shift, and administrations more concerned with correct paperwork than correct patient care.
There is a reason they put so much pressure on you. We may not like it, but it does weed out those who cannot take the pressure when they are caring for patients.
An Old RN

phlegmfatale said...

Some of my most brutal classes have been online.

YAY! Two weeks now, for you! You can do it, baby. And, no pressure, but remember you are the canary in my nursing school coalmine! :p

You're gonna kick serious ass all he way through-- I just know you will. :)