Saturday, September 22, 2012


I haz dem.

Wow, two months without a car is an eye-opener, lemme tell ya.

I got an excellent deal on an immaculate '02 Honda Accord sedan, Carfax report and all vehicle maintenance records included.

The car only has 76 K on it.

Can't beat that! Of course, on Monday I have the joy of letting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts rape me my wallet.

Anyway, the light is really bad for pics right now, but I'll try to get some good ones tomorrow to post. Also, any name suggestions (after viewing the pics, natch) will be considered. The car is blue and has a spoiler, *rowr*.

I'm debating whether to spend money on vanity plates. I never have, but have always wanted to.


RN&LMT (I don't know if special symbols are permitted. Must do more research!)

What do y'all think?

H/T to Ruth for setting my feet on the proper path. Without her, I'd not have this car!


doubletrouble said...

Congrats! Ya gotta have a car...

Ruth said...

Sweet! Glad you were able to make it work. I was wondering lol.

Anonymous said...

What is MTRN14 supposed to read? I read it as Matron 14.

libertyman said...

Massachusetts is expensive for plates, and vanity plates add even more. Good luck with the nightmare that the Registry in Mass is.

Do you think there is a disadvantage to a vanity plate? I have them for two of my trailers, just kind of fun here in NH, where there are lots of vanity plates.

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, DoubleTrouble!

Ruth, it just took a while, that's all. :) Thanks again!

mausergirl, thank you SO much for pointing that out. I hadn't noticed!
It's supposed to mean "Massage Therapist-RN in 2014" Yeah, don't think I'll go with that one! I just wanted to show WHEN I'll be an RN (when I graduate from school, anyway.)

Libertyman, can't really think of any disadvantages. Except of course for the expense!

Ruth said...

I always thought vanity plates were fun, I can sit behind you in traffic and think of all the various stupid combinations the letters make up ;)

Have fun at the DMV, MA even beats NY (at least upstate) when it comes to that....