Friday, September 30, 2011

I should have a t-shirt made


-Google maps sucks at directions for Boston
 -pedestrians EVERYWHERE, especially in the middle of the street
-crazy taxi drivers
-seriously, Tobin Bridge? Speed limit 35mph, I'm going 55mph and the other drivers are passing me while flipping me the bird
-bring plenty of money for tolls and PARKING. Holy crap.
-lots of pretty stuff to gawk at, don't get distracted
-gas stations that don't sell gas. Which really sucks when your gas gauge is hovering just south of the big "E".
-when you finally find one that DOES sell gas, it's almost a buck more expensive per gallon than anyplace outside of town
-have I mentioned that Google maps sucks at directions for Boston?

All that being said, Boston just isn't really that big, so while I got a wee bit lost going home, it was just lost in detail. I knew the highway was north and west of where I was at, so I kept heading in that direction until I saw signs.


Old NFO said...

Meh... That's why I stay OUT of that town... :-) Glad you survived though!

Ruth said...

and you have summed up why whenever I have to go into Boston I insist on taking the T.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Is public transportation for getting to and sightseeing in Boston an option at all?

DaddyBear said...

And now we know why I avoid large cities unless there is absolutely no alternative.

Ruth said...

Purplemagpiesnest: actually Boston has awesome public transport, but it can result in a longer commute if you're not traveling at peak times, also depending on where you're coming from/going to its not always perfect. But yes, if you're sightseeing I highly recommend the public transport Trains/bus system (ie: the T), its much easier than trying to drive there!

Suldog said...

Don't feel bad. There are plenty of us who have lived in the area all of our lives - and been cab drivers, at one time - who still get lost. Half the time, when I lived in Dorchester, I had to actually drive BACK to Dorchester from wherever I was in order to get to someplace else, just because I couldn't figure out how else to get there :-)

TOTWTYTR said...

Public transportation in Boston is hit or miss at best. I avoid it whenever possible.

Boston is a hard city to drive around in because it was never planned. At all. Roads grew out of cow paths in colonial times and no one ever bothered to, you know, actually survey them. Streets that go straight, but change names. Streets that take 90 degree turns, but keep the same name. Since Boston grew from a bunch of individual towns, there are five Washington Streets that are totally not connected, several Tremont Streets, and so on.

To add to that, during colonial times, the rebels took down all of the street signs to confuse the Red Coats.

The just never got around to putting them back up.

I can't blame Google, Garmin, or Tom Tom for getting lost in Boston. It's like a corn maze that never ends.

Once you can drive in Boston, you can drive pretty much anywhere.

It's those logically laid out streets in the midwest that I can't figure out. :)

Cormac said...

I used to tell all my friends when I was stationed in CT "drive NEAR Boston, then get the hell out and take the T"

They invariably ignored me and spent hours (or days) still complaining about traffic and suicidal pedestrians...