Saturday, November 06, 2010

Another LOL

Last night, as I was loading the washer, which happens to be right outside my roomie's bedroom, I heard him say, "Muppet?!" in a tone of mingled surprise and dismay...what does it say about me that I *immediately* knew to what he was referring?


Scott McCray said...

My reaction was much the same - lol.

Home on the Range said...

I probably don't want to know what my Dad said (actually my brothers send him printed off posts, so they probably use a "Dad filter" first. :-)

Christina RN LMT said...

Scott, Mulligan and I had quite the discussion afterward about the appropriateness of the term "muppet" was FUN! (and funny...)

Brigid, a Dad filter is a very good thing. MY Dad filter is simply not sending him the url to my blog...LOL!