Saturday, July 31, 2010

Epic. Party.

Well, I had a fantastic evening! You know why? Because it really looked like my guests were having a fantastic evening, and that's what really matters. :)

Plenty of food and drink, TONS of great conversation, lots of laughter, mix well, and you have the recipe for a good time.

Add guns, and you have a fantastic party for gun bloggers!

Did I mention yet that I OWN A GUN NOW????!!!!!

I received the most fabulous hostess gift EVAR: a .22 rifle from Ambulance Driver, for which I actually have plenty of ammo, coincidentally. And there just happens to be a range here in town...
Oh, and you could hear my shout of "I HAVE A GUN!!!" probably all the way in California...and only a group of gun bloggers would respond to that shout with cheers and applause. :)

I'm relieved, because now I know the State of Texas won't throw me out...I was starting to worry.

Anyway, the party wasn't over until around 3:00 AM, I didn't get to bed until 4:30, what with cleaning up and such (LEFTOVERS RULE!), and soon I'll be at the range, plinking away at targets. Life is very good.

Thank you to all of my wonderful guests, and those absent friends who called, texted, and IMed to wish us a good time. You are all so much appreciated!


Scott McCray said...

Congrats on what sounds like an awesome get-together - and congrats on your new .22!
I just always assumed you were a gunny - now it's confirmed.

w/v = manitch "Don't they have medicine for that?"

phlegmfatale said...

Yer party was so ossum!!! Thanks for having us over! Was quite the grand occasion!

Rabbit said...

Yep, we both had a wunnerful time last night. Thanks for all the hospitality and the lovely party favor!

Daley got a bath last night and he's curled up beside me as I type this.

Shannon said...

I was wondering what that blatant screaming was in the middle of the night! Congratulations on your .22 and a wonderfully successful party!! How exciting!

OkieRhio said...

OMG TOOOOOOO much fun last night Christina!!!

You have SO got to throw another one in the near future!!

Christina RN LMT said...

Scott, it's too cool!

Phlegmmy, can't wait to see y'all again!

Rabbit, I'm still so stoked that you and the missus adopted him, and that you kept the name! (You really didn't have to do that, you know. Feel free to change it.) It's wonderful that he found such a great home.
Thank you so much for coming, it was fantastic to see you again!

Shannon, you could hear me all the way over there?! AWESOME!

Rhio, I'm glad you had fun! Thank so much for coming and for so ably manning the grill, if I had done so, it would have been a disaster! (and I speak from experience...)!
We'll definitely have to get together again soon. :)

daniels said...

Had a great time! Sorry this missus and I had to duck out early. Can't wait for the next get together!

Christina RN LMT said...

Thank you, Daniel! It was wonderful to see you again and to meet Desiree!