Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Too good to be true...

So, I made the big announcement about my days being doubled at the spa, right? Things were looking up, remember? Well, the day after the spa informed us of the happy news, my spa manager gave her two weeks' notice, which will eventually leave us with only one front desk person, Bri, who of course can't be expected to work seven days a week.
So, until a new part-time person is hired and trained, the spa is going to continue to open Wednesday-Sunday, leaving me again with only the weekends to work.

Sheesh, I can't seem to get ahead! Add to that the Malfunction Indication Light glaring at me from my car's dash, and you have a recipe for a very unhappy Christina.
Oh, and my English Comp II class started today...with an essay due this very night. Submitted with four minutes, three seconds to spare, and a bigger load of crap you've never seen. Wonder what grade I'll get for manure...

ANYWAY, still had a great day today, took the kiddos to the zoo, post with pics to follow, and we're going to the water park tomorrow...NO PICS! LOL. Hope y'all are out there having fun, stay out of the sun, stay hydrated, and all that jazz!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you won the contest over on Expat Bostonians :) So that's something...

Carteach0 said...

Well, first of all, you actually know what an MIL light means. You have my respect for that.

Don't sweat the light.... depending on the year/make/model there are over 600 reason it can come on, and 580 of them won't hurt the car to keep driving it. Get it checked, and maybe think about asking for second opinions here before blowing a lot of money (just suggesting...)

On the essay.... if your instructor is anything like mine was in that class, you will be fine. Mine was so burned out by utter crap coming from kids who just graduated high school... that an adult who could string actual words in a row in proper fashion shone like a supernova, no matter the essay subject.

In fact, she was even thrilled by a run on sentence like the one above.

Bag Blog said...

"Wonder what grade I'll get for manure..." Depends on your grammar.

I hope things get better with your job. In the meantime, enjoy the zoo and waterpark.

Bob S. said...

Just in case you didn't know; Autozone will run the code for you on your indicator light.

Might give you an idea of what you are dealing with.

Christina LMT said...

C, I WON?! I never win anything! Woo-HOO!

Thanks, Carteach...that's what the car's owner's manual is for. ;) Yeah, the light has been on before with nothing major going on, which is good, but I just have a bad feeling about this one. At least my car is still under warranty. For another 9,000 miles.
And as far as my instructor goes, he appears to be quite the hardass. Here's hoping the sheer eloquence of the tripe I submitted snows him.

Good point, Lou!

Thanks, Bob! I'll swing by an Autozone today before I take the car to the dealership tomorrow.