Sunday, November 29, 2009


From my daughter Tally, about the movie "2012", which she enjoyed tremendously:

It's about humanity...and special effects.

I laughed uproariously.

Later in the same chat, Chaos said:

You kill the fun in movies, Silver.

Gmail group chat rulz!


Old NFO said...

Too funny... :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, excuuuuuse me for wanting physics that don't blatantly suck. :P

Neutrinos melting the Earth's core! NEUTRINOS MELTING THE EARTH'S CORE!!!

Buck said...

re: You kill the fun in movies, Silver.

Just sayin', but... Frickin' HOLLYWOOD killed the fun in movies. I'll go crawl back under my rock now. ;-)

SCI-FI said...

I'm beginning to see your point, Christina....

So this is what I get to look forward to.


Christina RN LMT said...

Old NFO, I thought so...;)

Silver, you need to relax a little and just go with the flow. And agree to disagree with your sisters on occasion, instead of starting WWIII. Just sayin'.

Buck, you make a very good point.

SCI-FI, just you wait...