Tuesday, December 30, 2008


On my commute this evening, I got stuck behind a car whose registration expired in February of this year. Explain something to me, please. How the hell can someone drive around for 10 months with an expired registration without getting into trouble for it?
I guarantee you that if I let my registration expire, I'd be pulled over the very next day. That's just how it is.
I guess it's just one of those mysteries meant to be unsolved. Oh, well.


Trashman said...

In order for things like justice to be served, said perpetrator must have a conscience. No conscience and nothing bad happens to you. This has been proven.

Christina RN LMT said...

Damn! So that's what's been holding me back all these years?!

*note to self: must locate annoying PITA Jiminy Cricket and put his ass down.*

Buck said...

Hmmm. The registration on El Casa Móvil De Pennington expired a year ago next month. As displayed, anyhoo. I just never got around to putting the new sticker AND license plate on the coach (dunno why, but The Great State of Tejas issued me a new plate last year). I should do that, I suppose. But I'll wait until I get my 2009 registration. No sense in doing it twice in the space of less than a month, ya know.

Another traffic-related curiosity... I've lived in Portales for SIX years now and still drive around with Texas plates on my car. I've never been stopped in all this time (Boy! Am I tempting fate, or WHAT?). P-Ville only has 12,000 people... and I own the only Miata in these parts, so you KNOW the cops have to have noticed me. Yet I still slide...

I'm beating the livin' shit out of wood at the moment... not just knocking on it. ;-)

Christina RN LMT said...

Yeah, you definitely don't want to curse yourself, Buck!

The fact that you haven't been pulled over is odd. Maybe the cops ran your plates years ago and know you're an upstanding citizen, so they never bothered pulling you over.