Thursday, November 13, 2008

Economic Realities of Vegas

Silver told me about a sophomore bandmate of hers who has to leave band. He can't do afternoon rehearsals or evening performances anymore because he needs to find a job. He's fifteen. At least he hasn't dropped out of school. Yet.

Both his parents were laid off within days of one another.

But at least they have a bit of money to tide them over...the fifteen-year-old gave an older pal $100 to bet on a football game and he won $3,000.

Only in Vegas.

In other related news, my shrink told me today of a Harvard study that was released this morning: The suicide rate in Las Vegas is 63% higher than anywhere else in the United States, and that applies to residents, not tourists (I asked him specifically!). I have to get out of this town.


M.E. Again said...

It's tough like that all over. I have a friend who is moving back in with the 'rents - difference is that she's married with two kids and last year her husband made really good money. He lost his job in May, and has had no luck finding anything new. My college graduate daughter will likely have to move back home after the first of the year - again, no luck in three months of job hunting. Currently she's working two retail jobs, but those will go south in January.
So much for being middle class.

Anyhow, I decided to comment b/c of your profile pix. Franz Marc is one of my current favorite artists. Not this particular pix, though **grin** I think one of his lovely cats would suit you better. Best of luck with the weight loss.

Christina LMT said...

Thank you for stopping by! Franz Marc is also one of my favorites (duh!). A print of my avatar, "Die gelbe Kuh", is hanging in my dining nook, it's the first thing you see when you walk into my apartment.
I've actually loved the painting since I was a skinny teenager and the traveling Guggenheim exhibit visited Berlin, Germany. That is just one happy, happy cow! I also like his blue horses and his foxes, but the cow will always be my favorite.

Everyone is suffering the economic crunch right now, I'm actively looking for another job, part-time or full-time, since I really don't know how long the hotel is going to be able to keep the spa open. It's a scary situation, to be sure.

Don't be afraid to comment again, you should know I'm a comment whore!

Putz said...

hey comment whore...i lived in vegas for 5 years, and i committed suicide twice and had to get out of is why....1.i could never go to sleep always too much to do....2. you don't have a fm classical radio station....3. you don't have a regular zoo, oh i know most of you are part of something like a zoo...4.a murder a day in the city....5. mr. barlow of vegas village still lives there and he is out to get me...6.the school kids i knew were rude...7.i fell in love too many times...that about does it

Anonymous said...

Really? I didn't know it was THAT bad. It ain't that bad in The Big O.

Anonymous said...

63%? That's how many more people, in The Big O, have STDS than the national average. I swear.

Anonymous said...

Christina. 3,0000 is not a number. 3,000 or 30,000 is. I don't mean to be an ass, but that was bothering me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I hate coming off as assanine.

Buck said...

The suicide rate in Las Vegas is 63% higher than anywhere else in the United States, and that applies to residents, not tourists (I asked him specifically!).

Wow. THAT is shocking! I had no idea. Must be the heat... ;-)

Christina LMT said...

Putz, you you have a resurrection machine in your closet? Yeah, I don't like it here very much anymore, but I'm determined to finish school before I move anywhere, so I'm stuck.

Tally! STD rates are that high? Yikes! Thanks for pointing the extra "0" out to me, I fixed it! And you weren't being asinine, even if you spelled it wrong... ;)

Buck, it was quite the eye-opener for me, too. I think heat combined with gambling are the culprits.

Brigid said...

It just seems to be such a city of artifice, yet I've met some of the nicest folks in the world there, and my oldest brother teaches pharmacology for a school there and loves the city.

I've worked for two companies that shut their doors. One I had 10 years with and lost my retirement when they went Chapter 7. Had to sell most of my possessions, and regroup. On the plus side, it taught me how to be happier on a lot less once I had basic things again. But it takes time before you can look back and see that, during the down time it's rough no matter how optimistic you are.

Anonymous said...

oh ok

Christina LMT said...

The Strip is a big fake mess. Other than that, this place isn't so bad. Las Vegas has been very good to me. I'm just tired of the big city, I need a slower pace. The night life is fantastic here, but I never partake! Not my cup of tea. So what's the point of living here, if all of the selling points of this place are wasted on me?

Wow, Brigid. Sorry to hear you went through such difficulties. You are a very strong person.