Monday, May 28, 2007

Well, it had to happen sometime.

I finally broke down and got cable.
TV, that is.
So now, for the first time in over three years, I've been watching the tube.
Discovered Mythbusters...LOVE that show.
Watched a whole bunch of stuff on Star Trek on the History Channel.
Other than that, it seems that most programming available (for cheap, just got the expanded basic service) is dreck.
So why did I do it, you ask?
By the end of next week I'll be on nine weeks of maternity leave, with nothing but many, many doctor's appointments to look forward to.
I can only read so many books and surf the 'net for so many hours, so I decided it was time to join the majority of American society.
Plus, I still can't take my puppies outside, so I'll have to turn them into couch potatoes right alongside me! They're Italian Greyhounds, they were BRED to be couch potatoes! Well, living warming pans/hot water bottles, anyway.
So, if any of you folks have any TV suggestions for me, let me have them, please!
As long as it's not reality tv, 'cause that ain't happening.


FHB said...

Check out the Dog Wisperer on the national geogrphic channel. He'll help you understand the pups. Turner Classic Movies will kill a lot of your time. One of my favs is American Chopper, on the Learning Channel. Then there's always C-Span. You can tell, I spend WAY too much time with the boob tube on.

Christina RN LMT said...

ANYTHING to help me with the pups!
They are litter-box trained.
Sort of.
They go in the litter box when they are "rightthere", but if they are six or more feet away from it, or in another room, they'll go where they happen to be.
IG's are notoriously difficult to house-train, so I was prepared for this.
I just can't wait until I can take them outside...they can pee and poop wherever they want to, out there!
Thanks for the suggestions, I do love old movies. Especially musicals and "screw-ball" comedies!
Is American Chopper about motorcycles (showing total ignorance, here!)?
I used to love the show where people would build robots and compete with them in an obstacle course, then do battle against their opponents with them! I just don't remember what it was called.
And I sent a link to your blog to my Dad, who's a retired Command Sergeant Major. I think he'll really appreciate your latest blog entry.

Dick said...

Pay per view porn.

Christina RN LMT said...

Dick - expanded basic cable!
Besides, I have plenty of my own...

phlegmfatale said...

I sure hope you got Bravo - the new season of Top Chef (superb show!) starts this Wednesday. Oh, and you need the DVR feature, too- you're gonna love flying through the commercials. YOu can also watch one thing while you are recording something else. *heaven*