Monday, April 30, 2007

Just a small hit...

The most amusing sight in a casino:

Pregnant cocktail waitresses!

The saddest experience of this past weekend?

The ticket guy at the monorail station needing to use a calculator to figure out that he owed me $16.00 change when I gave him a twenty for $4.00 worth of tickets.


phlegmfatale said...

re: the calculator for change thing -- omg - pi-tee-ful! We're so going to hell in a handbasket.

RE: the mushrooms - meant to comment on your post over here, but the day I saw it, that got my attention but I was SO over committed.
Lack of ventilation or moving air and moister make the perfect cocktail for germinating 'shrooms. I recommend a light olive oil vinaigrette, a little sage, maybe, and a nice bordeaux.
Oh, not a recipe? Well, I have to say one of the most fastidious humans I've ever known had mushrooms sprout from their bathmat. It grossed me out for YEARS, and I've thought of it often - his bathroom was the back corner of a hundred-year old industrial building - an area of the building not originally designed/intended for a water feature of any stripe. I'd say a de-humidifier is in order, and although the idea of any kind of fungal growth is a bit oogy in one's household, at the end of the day, I declare it not officially nasty if the fungus is mushrooms. Now, if you have a decorative bowl of athlete's foot on the coffee table, I'm unconflicted about calling that nasty. Verily, I have spoken, and you may quote me, darling. Chin up!

Christina RN LMT said...

The 'shrooms exploded after a day or so and left the place smelling like something had crawled into the air conditioning vent and died.
I had soooo much fun cleaning up the spores (not!).
I had a weird twilight zone feeling, like maybe the spores would take us over and turn us into flesh-eating 'shroom zombies.
Maintenance never did show up to check it out, maybe they thought I was deranged?
Anyway, thanks for the info, I'll make sure Silver always keeps her bathroom door open from now on.
And no athlete's foot here!

clintbird said...

If you really want to see their eyes cross ... next time you have a bill for, say $4.63, give the money changer $20.13, then stand back and watch their face contort, their eyes cross, their brow furrow and their hand start to shake. Yes, we do turn out some math wizards in today's schools.