Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes, you do get naked...

Think no evil!
I did field the question today whether one gets naked before receiving a massage.
The answer is YES, especially if you want the massage to be good! If you leave any garments on, the therapist will generally not massage that area, which means no gluteal work, and if you leave a bra on, well, the straps definitely get in the way!
Thankfully, no female client has ever left her bra on when I was working, but panties yes, all the time. Pretty frustrating!
Also had one guy leave his JEANS on. I mean, what am I supposed to do then?!
All I could do for the lower body was compressions through the sheet. BOring.
Well, I guess everyone has their comfort zones, so to speak.
Another thing I've noticed since starting work at the spa is how disadvantaged the male therapists are. So many men apparently have a problem receiving a massage from another man. Someone also told me that the thought of getting an erection from a massage by a MAN was too horrifying to contemplate! Relax, dudes! If it happens, so what? Nine times out of ten the therapist won't even notice (we're not looking at your crotches, for God's sake!), and it's a completely normal reaction to massage (as long as you're not masturbating, and you don't try to get me to touch it, in which case your ass is outta there, ASAP!).
Anyway, the bottom line is (no pun intended), if you're going to receive a full body massage, take a shower, wear the robe provided (with nothing underneath), and RELAX.
That is the ultimate massage experience!


Dick said...

The instant hard on I'd have from a beautiful woman running her hands over my body would prevent me from ever recieving a massage.
Too damn bad.

Christina RN LMT said...

Get a massage from a guy, then!
That's my point, dammit.
And why are you so sure that would happen, anyway? How do you know your therapist wouldn't be built like a mack truck and be old enough to be your granny? Would you get a hard-on then?
If you get a really good deep tissue massage, not a "fluff and buff", I really don't think it would be an issue. You'd be more worried about the therapist applying too much pressure and causing you pain than whether or not Big Dick, Jr. felt like raising his head and joining the party!

redspace said...

men just can get massage by a woman. the thought of it can even turned them on. it feels good to turn on but when some body notice it just don't feel good anymore. not like women it just don't show. even when she turned on like crazy nothing get bigger to be noticed so
she feels comfortable.

full body massage

phlegmfatale said...

you know, I know you're SUPPOSED to be naked for the massage - maybe it's just a cultural thing with Americans - but it still feels so awkward. I've only had a couple, and the thought of it stresses me out, if you can believe that!