Saturday, October 18, 2014


"Red Apple Bakery" air freshener.

In the bathroom at work.

This means that when I run in to pee between clients, I start gagging because it smells like someone took a dump on a freshly-baked apple pie.

This is even worse than pine-scented air freshener. Because sometimes you do poop in the woods, but I hope to God nobody shits on apple would be un-American!


*note all the bullet points in the description at the link...much like adding "in bed" to every fortune you find in a cookie, I just add "with shit" to these descriptions.


Old NFO said...

Pine scented works... :-) Apple? Really???

Gail said...

They use a dutch apple scent in one of the bathrooms near my office. The secretaries must love it because they're been putting it in there for twenty years or so, and every time it makes me gag.

Home on the Range said...

Happy Thanksgiving Christina - and may your dessert be pumpkin pie, NOT apple.