Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't Bother.

If your idea of being helpful is to loudly berate our agitated and delirious patient while my preceptor and I are attempting to bargain with him to take his medications, merely because he's dropping the F-bomb in our oh-so-delicate, female presence, STOP.

You're not being helpful in the slightest, you're adding to the problem. Not to mention that not only have my virgin ears been sullied by profanity before, I've actually been known to cuss myself!


After spending most of the day with him as a one-on-one patient observer, you should know that being confrontational (and LOUD) with this particular patient is completely and utterly counter-productive.

I like you better when you're surfing on your smart phone or watching TV. Keep that in mind for the next time, or I'll have to have words with you. I'll even refrain from cursing. Barely.


Aesop said...

It's not always the patient who requires therapeutic tasering.

One of my ED docs wants to call it "Bedside Electroconvulsive Therapy", issue tasers to staff, and bill for the procedure.

The likelihood that it would be used on co-workers as well as patients has been the major objection, AFAIK.

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Sounds like someone needs to change their career path.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Aesop... sigh...

Christina LMT said...

Aesop, the danger with that is definitely friendly fire!

GreyLocke the person in question is under every other circumstance (that I've observed) excellent at his job. I guess it's a cultural thing and I should be more sensitive. *rolls eyes*

OldNFO, indeed. :)