Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun visit!

Yesterday, Rivendell was graced by the presence of Wally and the lovely A.!

Much delicious food was consumed, many fun discussions were had, and we got the dock put together and installed. (Wally, Sci-Fi, and various progeny literally took the plunge and did the lake end of things...I was more than willing to tote that barge and lift that bale, as long as I didn't have to get into the lake. BRRRRRR....)

It's nice to spend time with good friends, and we'll have to do it again REALLY SOON. Because fun. And because BACON AND BURGERS. :D


Wally said...


Oh it was so so great to be able to have some downtime- you can probably imagine the chaos in the shop) - and to be able to share that time with such good friends is deeelightful.

Summers up here are far too short, and on behalf of A and I, thank you for sharing a great weekend with us :)

And I cannot - CAN NOT - thank you enough for the surprise last night.

I do feel so blessed to have such a marvelous extended family.

*big hugz*

Andi said...

Thank you to everyone for including us in such a great day and being able to chill (for some, literally!) with extended family! Here's to joining in the house hilarity and "sittin' on the dock of the cove..." watching another golden sunset in even warmer weather.

And I'll bring more bacon!