Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hunger Games Week XI

Game called on account of WEER'D!!

Yes, you read correctly. SCI-FI and I agree that Weer'd is to blame for the omnomming that went on this weekend, leading to shameful weigh-ins this morning.
See, if we hadn't invited the Weer'ds to dinner on Saturday, we wouldn't have had ALL the yummy food that Mrs. SCI-FI prepared in the house. Plus, you know, the epic popcorn brittle Mrs. Weer'd made. And the ice cream. And on and on and on.

So, because it's always easier to pass the buck, we blame WEER'D!

See you next week. :)


Weer'd Beard said...

Well shit! I guess I'm what's wrong with the world!


Better luck next week!

LMB said...

As Stingray once said on VC, 'Blame Weerd, it seems like the thing to do'

Home on the Range said...

Popcorn brittle, there is a whole element of blame right there in that. Yum!!!