Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm spending a few weeks at Rivendell, a beautiful lake a few states away from where I now live.

I'm unhappy to report that locusts, *ahem* ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS, don't swim worth crap. Tucker, my big wuss, actually ran down the dock and jumped in to join me in the water. And pretty much sank like a stone.


When I held him around the chest, he desultorily stroked his front legs through the water (displacing almost none), barely paddled his hind feet, and called it done. He held his head majestically the whole time, either completely oblivious to, or uncaring of, the fact that I was the one propelling him through the water and simultaneously keeping him from drowning.

It was hilarious!

My girls spent the entire afternoon and evening in the water, until the skeeters drove them from the lake about half an hour after sunset.

I, however, after my dog-towing duties were complete, wrapped myself in a towel and vegged out on the gazebo, sipping booze with my feet up and enjoying the sunset.

Life is very sweet.



Pooped-out puppehs:



Keads said...

Excellent! Glad you and yours are having a good time. Me on the other hand.....

be603 said...

LOL. Reminds me of a Marine in my Naval Aircrew class. He'd always go stiff at attention, then vertical and to the bottom of the tank. Instructor finally told him he'd be better just skipping the survival float attmepts and go to straight to the bottom and run.

Old NFO said...

Very nice... and yeah, no body fat=sinking...

Jennifer said...

LOL! Sounds lovely except for non-buoyant puppehs! But that part is hilarious.

Mike W. said...

Dogs that can't swim? Are you sure they're really dogs? :P


Chocolate lab owner.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Wow, those are some pretty pups! Also, Rivendell? I had to check to see if that was actually real. It is. What a cool name for a lake!


Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, Tweaker!

I do not know which lake you're referring to...I'm not in California, for one. LOL...
It's our affectionate name for a lovely place that must stay anonymous.