Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why wasn't I told?!

That minors are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas as long as a parent or guardian is present?!

Who knew? So, Silver...are you ready to PAR-TAY?!


Snarky said...

This is why my mother and I had so much fun when I was 18 and 19. We'd be out in bars drinking because, hey, it's legal.

This is why Texas rocks the socks like no other.

Christina RN LMT said...

Tell me about it!

AP said...

Just know that in some places around there they require a birth certificate.

Christina RN LMT said...

Duly noted, AP...and appreciated!

DaddyBear said...

I got to Texas about 1 year after the drinking age moved from 19 to 21. What a letdown.

Have fun!

memory_lucky12 said...

Does that mean any minor? Because if so, if I didn't hate carbonated drinks so much and the taste of alcohol*, I would be having fun too.

*In England it's legal as long as you're 16 and have a parent around. Keep in mind I've only had one sip of alcohol and it tasted so awful. Oh by the way, when you turn 18, you can drink alcohol by yourself here.

One more thing: I highly doubt Silver would want to drink alcohol. I mean, if she hates soda, then she would definitely hate alcohol.

Christina RN LMT said...

DaddyBear, that HAD to have been depressing!

Chaos, I'm only kidding about Silver...I know she doesn't want to drink alcohol. She *is* interested in seeing the inside of a bar, and I already know where I'm going to take her, a cool place called Tula's Lighthouse. It's on the lake and serves great food, too...or so I've heard!

And yes, ANY minor can drink alcohol as long as the parent/guardian is there. I think you probably have to be 18 to get in a bar, though. Let's say we're at a fancy restaurant and I order a bottle of wine: you'd be allowed to have some. And at home, too. Not that *I* drink wine! Ugh.

DN said...

I think in most states, at a higher end restaurant, if the parent orders the wine, the child can partake. I know that when my roommate's parents took us to a higher end restaurant in Boston freshman year we were given wine with no problem.

I doubt the same might hold true at like an Applebees or similar lower end restaurant, though.

Never heard of being able to take a minor to a bar...kind of horrifies me.

Christina RN LMT said...

DN, I guess I'm too Europeanized, or something. I used to go with my mom to bars all the time in Berlin, starting at age 10. It's just not that big a deal. I played pin-ball or Pacman while she socialized with her friends. We would have tasty bar food for

My daughter has already told me she has no interest in drinking alcohol, but she does want to see the inside of a bar, maybe watch a game or something. We'll see. :)

d smith kaich jones said...

For sure? I have an employee who spent a few hours in a Louisiana jail cause his minor daughter was caught drinking at a jazz festival they were attending - the cops told him if he'd okayed it, well, all was good & legal, so he covered her ass, and was then told they'd been messin' with him, 'twasn't legal there, and hauled him off. I blame jazz.


Christina RN LMT said...

For sure, Debi:

As long as I'm not supplying it to other people's kids, and as long as I'm present, it's okay.