Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did you know...

that one of the main reasons I moved to Texas was all the awesome bloggers who live here?

One such blogger is the marvelous Roismhaire, a Plano massage therapist with her own business, whom I met via our blogs long before I moved here.

She's funny, she's smart, and she's a true friend. We got together at her house on Monday, went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch (there were, like, FIVE Mexican restaurants on the same Texas awesome, or what?!), then headed back to her house for some tinkering on the computer.

You see, Roismhaire has a Masters Degree in Computer Science (Shhhhhh! Don't tell her I told you!), and she's setting up a website for my business! Out of the goodness of her heart! FOR FREE!

Plus, she helped me design my new patient consultation sheets and my treatment notes, as well.

Even before my move, she was always ready with advice and tips on being a therapist in Texas, and she's always offering encouragement and strategies for success.

On top of all that, she's simply a hoot! We laugh and laugh, whether we're on the phone or meeting IRL.

I'm so glad she's my friend.

Now I just have to get her, Phlegmmy, and Holly together...the awesomeness would exceed safety parameters! But what a way to go!


dick said...

Does she have big boobs?

Did I say that out loud?

Anonymous said...

thats awesome that you'll have your own website!

Christina RN LMT said...

You DID say that out loud, Dick! Why am I not surprised? I'll have you know that I never pay attention to rack size. Unless the woman in question is so bodaciously stacked, you can't avoid noticing. I just don't swing that way.

Tally, thanks! I'll be sure to send you the link. :)

Zelda said...

Roismhaire seems darling from her comments. But I've been dying to know how to pronounce her name!

Christina RN LMT said...

Heh. It's Gaelic for "Rosemary". I had her pronounce "Roismhaire" for me, and I STILL can't replicate it! It is not at all pronounced like it's spelled!

JPG said...

Reading this blog instalment, I realized that I've been honored to be present at a series of get-togethers which included - -
Holly and Phlegmmy
Holly and Christina
Phlegmmy and Christina

Dare I contemplate a gathering which includes Christina, Phlegmmy, Holly, AND the new one, Roismhaire? Might as well try to gather in Farmgirl and Stringray, too. Some venue could likely qualify for disaster relief . . . .

Christina RN LMT said...

JPG, the mind boggles! ;)

Roismhaire said...

Holy Crap - I need to get on here more!
The skeleton of your site is up, but I need the "guts" of it and it has taken me bloody ages because I'm an airhead.
I'll get your updates in there soon!

Christina RN LMT said...

No worries, Roismhaire! You are a busy lady, and I've got nothing but time.