Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things I love about living in rural Texas...

-The peace and quiet.

-How I can see all the stars and constellations at night.

-Hearing roosters crowing in the morning.

-That my boots get mucky enough I have to take them off as soon as I enter the house.

-Noticing kitty paw-prints all over my car.

-That Harley has made friends with at least one of the barn cats, who loves to rub herself against him as he sniffs her.

-Seeing cattle and horses on a daily basis. Actually, having cattle and horses to either side of my house!

-Hearing coyotes howling at night, sounding like wolves...and hearing the neighbor's donkeys braying defiantly in reply.

-Seeing green grass, even in winter.

-Christmas wreaths on the front of big-ass pick-up trucks.

-How friendly and helpful everyone is.

-Seeing cows grazing right next to an adult video store.

-Passing the "Northfork Ranch"...LOL

-The Red River

-Seeing cardinals every day.

-Passing a stretch of country road lined with trees, which seems to be the territory of a very large raptor of some sort, since I see it perched in one or the other of the trees almost every day.

-Saying "Y'all". :D

-The wonderful library and the lovely people who work there.

-The sunrises and sunsets.

-Oncoming traffic stopping to let me make a left turn (UNHEARD of in Las Vegas!).

-Really cheap auto insurance.

And finally:



Yuri Orlov said...

I like it! It almost makes me want to move to Texas...almost!

Alan said...

Dangit, now everyone will want to come here.

Christina RN LMT said...

Yuri, you'd be made welcome here!

Alan, there's plenty of room!

Miz Minka said...

Wow! Now I want to move to Texas too! Sounds like this move really was the right thing for you. Yay!!! :)

Christina RN LMT said...

Like I told Yuri, come and be welcomed, Miz Minka!

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

Sounds like my neck of the woods, except you don't have the rain, and I don't see cows near the adult video store.

Hmmm...sounds like you have the better deal going.

Christina RN LMT said...'s drizzling outside right now! :P

Buck said...

Heh. Tejas really IS nice, innit? I like to think I live in Far-West Texas, given the state line is only about 15 miles from me, as the crow flies. And then there are the Texas plates on my vehicles, the TX drivers license in my wallet, and all that other stuff. ;-)

Carter said...

sounds beautiful in texas!!! check me out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like nice people live in Texas. Glad you are enjoying your new home.

See Ya

dick said...

Don't listen to her!
Texas is a total shithole full of liberals. Hot in the summer and colder than ice in the winter. Our women look like men, and the one's who don't resemble Jerry Jones. Nancy Pelosi's a Texan.
It's Hell on earth.

Old NFO said...

:-) Sounds like a rather long winded sigh of relief :-) Enjoy and best wishes for 2010!

huh Wv- Prospoer and prosper too@

DN said...

I'm glad you like it!

However, you just described my notion of hell on Earth. One of the jobs my partner is considering is in Portland Oregon and I'm freaking out because THAT feels rural to me.

Wai said...

I'm bringing the beans!!!

Home on the Range said...

Sorry I've been on the road so much the last couple of weeks and missed your calls. I am so glad you are settled. Being out away from the city is marvelous. I'm looking forward to getting even further away in the near future.

Roismhaire said...

SO glad youre likeing it!
Check your voicemail: I've been working my arse off and we need to get together and have a chin wag!

Zelda said...

I'm so glad you're liking it here. I wasn't born here, but there's nowhere else I'd live now.

Edward said...

But, it is still (as Dan Jenkins said) Baja Oklahoma. ;)

Suldog said...

Been a little while since I stopped by, and I apologize. It sounds like you are REALLY enjoying yourself in your new place, and I think it's wonderful! Actually, you make it sound damn attractive; wouldn't mind being there, myself, at least for a few days and nights :-)

Anonymous said...

If you look hard enough you can see cow's by two adult video stores. Glad you are enjoying it, you almost make me want to move back home.


Christina RN LMT said...

Buck, I knew there was (another) reason I liked you so much!

Carter, stop trying so hard...;)

D.i.MY.w., thank you! I just can't wait until it warms up a bit, not liking the frigid weather we've been having.

Dick, stop it with the lying! You love it here, and all my readers are awesome, so if they choose to relocate, Texas would be that much MORE awesome. :)

Thank you, Old NFO. Best wishes to you, too!

DN, different strokes for different folks, right? I have an aunt and a cousin who live in Portland, and they LOVE it there. It's the city of roses, you know...

Wai, thank you! I know I blaspheme, but to me, chili is not chili without beans.

Brigid, call me when you can, my dear!

Roismhaire, looking forward to seeing you soon!

Zelda, you've gone native, and that's a beautiful thing.

Edward, don't make me hurt you...;)

Suldog, I can't imagine you anywhere but New England, permanently, that is! You go together like PB & J!

AP, what's stopping you?! C'mon home. :D