Monday, September 21, 2009

Client Roundup

I massaged three clients today.

My first client was incredibly demanding and micromanaged the massage.

My second client had the most horrid hangover breath EVER, which he insisted on blowing in my face.

My third client was a former boxer and wanted to get deep tissue work, though he only paid for a Swedish massage. And he had really, really smelly feet.

That being said, all three of them were extremely kind, interesting people, whom I enjoyed chatting with and working on.

Nobody's perfect, least of all me.


Buck said...

Ummm... I'd take Door Number One and pass on the other two. You must be a frickin' SAINT, Christina.

Christina RN LMT said...

Nah, Buck...far from it! It's part of the job to deal with things like this, and you get used to it and find yourself able to look past it all.

Please don't put me on a pedestal, I certainly don't belong there!