Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last night was Silver's senior prom. She's been reluctant to go, and as a matter of fact, up until a few months ago she was adamantly opposed to going. I wore her down...;)
Her friends made the difference, I believe. Once she heard that all her friends from school were going, she changed her mind and bought a ticket.
I mentioned before how we found an inexpensive yet fetching dress, but of course, that's only the beginning...
Which leads me to the "barter" part of the post!

I took Silver to work with me yesterday, because I have an awesome job and an awesome boss who let me do stuff like that! I wasn't very busy, which in this case was a good thing, because we needed time to get stuff done...stuff like getting Silver's eyebrows waxed, getting her a manicure and pedicure, getting her make-up done professionally, having her hair styled...all of which didn't cost me a stinkin' DIME, due to the kick-assedness of the barter system!

Gayla, our lead esthetician, waxed Silver's eyebrows, for which I in turn gave her a half-hour massage.

Tracy, one of our salon's finest, did Silver's mani/pedi, and accepted an IOU for an hour-long massage on Tuesday (she was very busy yesterday and didn't have time to get a massage...)

Then we broke for lunch...mmmmmm, Chipotle, how I adore thee!

Silver indulged herself in the Jacuzzi after this, just relaxing a bit. I did have a few services, after all!

Then Holly, our make-up expert, took Silver in hand and worked her magic. Also accepting an IOU in lieu of payment (she was completely booked, but worked Silver in during a brief lull while a client's color was setting...Holly ROCKS!)
Holly is also going to get a longer massage, since Silver has never really worn make-up and was rather reluctant to sit still for the process. Just call the extended massage "hazardous duty pay"...Holly earned it!

Finally, and this is the most amazing part of my little tale, Maura, my friend and the spa attendant at our spa, sat Silver down while I was doing a massage and styled her hair adorably, which I would never have been able to do (I have no skillz in that direction, you see...)
Maura did this out of the goodness of her heart, not expecting anything in return, and in addition gifted Silver with a beautiful necklace, to boot!
Maura doesn't know this, but she's getting a massage today, even if I have to tie her down!

So you see, the barter system is alive and well in Las Vegas, we call it doing "trades", actually. That's how I get MY hair and nails done, too.

Oh, you want to see the results? Sure:

(Pardon my crappy photography skills...)



Outside the prom venue, a local Greek Orthodox Church (the theme for prom, naturally: "Greek Gods and Goddesses")



And just inside the door, after having been gifted with a long-stemmed red rose (hey, the prom organizers did themselves proud). This was the last shot before I headed home, with a little tear in my eye, I admit...


What a fantastic ending to a wonderful day.

My friends and the barter system ROCK. And Silver is beautiful and had a wonderful time. :)


Buck said...

"And Silver is beautiful and had a wonderful time. :)"

The former is MOST certainly true, and I'm glad to hear the latter.

As for the hair, make-up, mani/pedicure and such... yowza. I'm oh-so-glad I'm a GUY! Shower, shave, dress... done. Twenty minutes, tops. :-)

Buck said...

Happy Mother's Day, Christina!

Blondefabulous said...

Happy Mother's Day. It looks like Silver was ready to have a great time!

Chuck said...

She definitely looks beautiful! I hope she had a great time.

Christina LMT said...

Buck, thank you! I'll pass your remarks on to the appropriate party...;)
Yup, men have it pretty easy, but it was nice to see all the young men, carefully groomed, in their snazzy tuxedos.
And thank you as well for the Mother's Day wishes!

Thanks, Blondie! She did have a good time and was home by 9:30 PM. Boy, things have changed since I was a teenager! (Not really, Silver is just different, and I'm glad for it.)

Thanks, Chuck. I'll let her know you said so. She did have a good time, but when all her friends started pairing off and dancing, she called me to pick her up. Silver Does Not Dance.

HollyB said...

What a beautiful woman-child you grew!
The "day of beauty" makes me jealous.
I hope she had a wonderful time.

Christina LMT said...

Thanks, Holly! She did have a lot of fun. She loves coming to work with me and using the spa.

Anonymous said...

Christina, she was STUNNING! What a beautiful young woman! Home by 9:30!!! I can only pray my progeny follows suit!

Christina LMT said...

Thank you, kvegas911! I'll let her know you said so, but she'll only say you're being nice! :) She's kinda like me, I'm not a party animal, either.