Thursday, January 01, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Well. I can't believe how PROUD I was for managing to actually write a blog post while falling down drunk. And I WAS falling down drunk, despite what I said in the post.
"Burping is way better than spewing????" That was my profound insight of the evening? It's true, for what it's worth...;)

Here's the scene that greeted Silver and myself when we arrived at fabulous M's house:

G., in orange, was watching A., on drums, and her husband C., on guitar, play Rockband, while M. was providing the vocals (she's not seen in this pic).

Here are S. and M. (hah!), probably before they got completely blotto.


In the background you can see M.'s sister-in-law, who also happens to have the name abbreviation M. (it was bound to happen...)

Here are A. and myself, obviously well on our way to becoming smashed. A. is something of a lightweight in that department, and unfortunately she was the inspiration for my "burping is better than spewing" statement. She ended up hurling repeatedly and she and her husband had to decamp shortly after midnight.


Poor A. Here you can see her before she got to that point. She looks like she's feeling no pain!


Here we are, completely done. The bottle in my hand is merely a prop, honest! I hate wine, but somebody simply told me, "Here, hold this for the picture." And I said, "Sure!" *sigh*


Here are S. and myself, right before I started my epic career as a vocalist for Rockband. I sang for hours and hours, until I was completely hoarse. We had so much fun! Silver tried the drums a few times, but the more tired she got the more difficulty she had, so she figuratively threw in her drumsticks. I sang Alice in Chains, Paramore, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, The Offspring, Disturbed, and many more I can't recall precisely!


Finally, here is a picture of my feet. I remember saying something about wanting to post a pic for my foot-fetishist readers (!) out there, and I wanted to show everyone that I was still standing, in very high heels no less, even though I was very, very impaired.


What did I learn from this evening of debauchery? Well, I remember thinking, "I can't be too bad off, I can still walk, in heels, and I remembered to lock the door when visiting the loo, AND remembered to wash my hands, too! I'm doing just FINE!"

This evening also served as a bit of aversion therapy for my daughter. I really don't think she'll be trying alcohol anytime soon...;)

I made sure to drink lots and lots (and lots) of water, in between and after the alcoholic beverages, so I'm not hungover in the least right now.

And I learned to always avoid tequila in the future! I really despise that stuff, but it was pushed on me for a toast, so I choked it down. That was the shot that truly pushed my over the edge, so to speak. Ugh.

Finally, here's a shout out to Designated Drivers, Inc., a company that's head and shoulders above a taxi service. They drive you home in your own car! It seems I completely spaced getting Silver's learner's permit renewed, and I didn't want her driving me home with an expired license, even though she does have a thirty day grace period for renewing it. So we called Designated Drivers, at 1:45 AM, to come pick us up and take us home. Even though it took them two hours longer to pick us up than the one hour we were told it would, they still totally rock! Besides, on New Year's Eve their service is FREE!!! So for the price of a tip, we made it home safely and legally, in our own vehicle, which is currently parked in our space outside.

All in all, a very enjoyable and fun evening. I hope yours was as well!

Happy New Year, Everyone!


Buck said...

Happy New Year, Christina! It sure looks like all y'all had a great time, and thanks for sharing the pics!

re: And I learned to always avoid tequila in the future! I really despise that stuff, but it was pushed on me for a toast, so I choked it down.

Like most things in life, there's good and bad tequila. Drinking run of the mill swill (like Cuervo Silver) is a lot like drinking lighter fluid... but some the "boutique" tequilas (for lack of a better term) are most delightful. And there are literally hundreds to choose from!

Christina RN LMT said...

It was Patron. Still icky, as far as I'm concerned. Tasted like medicine.
I think I'll stick with drinks made with rum or vodka...anything that doesn't taste like alcohol!

Anonymous said...

Nice pix! Happy New Years!

Christina RN LMT said...

Happy New Year, Tally!

phlegmfatale said...

The shoes and the toes are FAB!

Was it me you were callinga foot fetishist, btw?

Anyhoo - so glad you kicked up your heels and rocked the house and then got a designated driver. *HUGS* Happy new year, darling, to you and SIlver, and many more!

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, Phlegmmy! Oh, no. I wasn't referring to YOU, you have a shoe fetish, not a foot fetish! I have absolutely no idea whom I was referring to, that's what's so bizarre about the whole statement I made.
Happy New Year right back atcha, Babe! I know 2009 is going to kick ass for all of us...;)

Home on the Range said...

Loved the shoe picture. I live in boots, but do enjoy the nice pair on someone else.

I honestly can not remember the last time I got drunk. I'm on call a lot, so that cuts down on the alcohol. And I don't like the taste of hard liquor. A beer or two on my night off. . absolutely.

Looks like you had fun, and everyone was safe.

Christina RN LMT said...

I know exactly the last time I got drunk before this time. Four years ago, New Year's Eve 2004!
I'm really not even a social drinker, Brigid. I hate beer, I hate wine, I don't generally like the taste of any alcohol, but every few years, I tie one on!
I mean, I don't have any alcohol in the house, even. Just not (normally) interested.
Yup, everyone had fun, except for JORGE, who left pouting because we weren't paying sufficient attention to him (he said). He left S. behind, for whom he was supposed to be the designated driver. What a putz.

memory_lucky12 said...

Happy New Year's! Hopefully this year will be better and longer!

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, Sweetheart!

4chun Cookie said...

LoL!!! I can't believe A cut her hair that short!!! And was she wearing make up? I've played rock band myself and I can't play the drums either! I'm good at guitar and singing! I'm glad u had a blast!! Looks like a good time!!

Christina RN LMT said...

It looks really cute. Deborah did it and even put highlights in. And yes, she's wearing make-up, too.
We had a really fun time!