Friday, October 31, 2008

End of an Era

Tonight was Silver's last high school football game. The last time I'll be forced to watch one of the worst football teams EVAR. For the last four years I've been going to these games like clockwork, all to watch the band. Since it was the last homegame, it was Senior Night, where the senior members of the band and colorguard are recognized. I shouted myself hoarse when Silver's name was announced. I'm so proud I could bust! She's really come a long way since her freshman year!

Here she is with some yahoo throwing around a nerf football in the background (hey, it's not exactly easy to take pictures in a busy venue like a football stadium, okay?!):


I really like this pic, since she has her clarinet, too:


Here's a picture of us together; It only looks like I'm holding onto her for dear life...honestly, I'm ready for her to leave the nest (and if you believe that...)!


Here's the line-up of cheerleaders on their weird boxes/podiums. They only use these during the second half of the game for some reason.


And here's the final picture of us together after the game, before she disappeared into the band room for the last time this season...*sigh*. Next year my life will be totally different, and I have yet to figure out whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. I just don't know.



Blondefabulous said...

When we had our senior night, the parents got to go out on field with the senior. Too bad you couldn't have done that too.

October seems really early to have had the last football game. Ours go on into November and even December if you make the playoffs!
Congrats on a great looking kid!

HollyB said...

Indeed, Congratulations on having raised such a bright, talented, lovely child.
I remember being proud of my own chirrens at that age.
Incidentally, the day i drove my daughter to her University for the first time...I had the strangest feeling I was leaving something important behind. Then it dawnd on me, I was leaving my Angel baby Grl!

Christina RN LMT said...

Blondie, this has been a very short season, for sure! Given how bad the football team is, it's no surprise we didn't make it to playoffs. Next week are her final two band competitions, then their indoor marching band show with awards ceremony. Then she'll be hanging up her high school uniform forever.

Holly, I won't know what to do with myself this time next year! Well, I'm sure I can find lots of things I've been putting off...;)
It's funny, though: Silver is headed off to college next summer, but her younger sisters insist they want to come live with me as soon as they graduate high school (2012)!
I told them I'll probably be living in Denton by then, and they said it sounds nice...:)

Buck said...

Ah... change is hard, and THIS particular change is among the hardest, especially for Moms. Not that the empty nest thing isn't difficult as well for fathers, but Moms seem to have a harder time of it, IMHO. (I drew this directly from the Department of Massive Generalizations.)

GREAT pics, Christina. You both look wonderful!

Chuck said...

Great pics! Y'all both have great smiles. The end of eras can definitely be sad...

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks, Buck. Yeah, it's hard for me to visualize life without Silver in the house. But I'm sure I'll muddle through somehow...(where DID I stash that vodka, anyway? Party time, woo-hoo!)
And thanks for the compliment. *blushes*

Thank you, Chuck! Hopefully my smile will be even better once I get these accursed braces off.
I keep telling myself that change is good. We'll see.

Putz said...

you know unlv has had some bad teams in past years also, so it doesn't surprise me that the high scool is that way....when ilived in vegas, the only think i ever noticed people being concerned about was that damned strip and it making them money...when all those blcaks rooited and i was called out wioth the national guard with my rife, i noticed is was to just keep the toriststs on the strip...well not to be sidtracked cogrtats silver

Christina RN LMT said...

D'you know, Putz, tourists sometimes ask us if we live at the hotel, or "Do you live in Vegas?" Like nothing else exists in their minds BUT the Strip. It's such a small (yet important) part of this town. There are some very, very good high school football teams here, but Silver's is not one of them!
Silver says, "Thanks!" for the congratulations!

phlegmfatale said...

FAB photos - babe -- YOu look like sisters!

Christina RN LMT said...

Thanks for the compliment, Phlegmmy!
On a good day, when I've gotten a LOT of sleep, maybe.