Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Tips=Happy Therapist

I had an interesting day today. My colleague A. called in sick to work, since she managed to bang up her toe and needed to get x-rays (plus, she couldn't get her shoe on!) So the front desk folk had no choice but to move all of her appointments over to me. I didn't get to go to lunch until 3 PM, but I'm not in the bank, ya know!
My first client of the day requested a deep tissue massage, paid by credit card and pre-tipped me ten bucks. Which is a "meh" tip, since the service itself costs $125.
And pre-tipping? I don't get that. That would be like going to a restaurant and leaving a tip with the hostess who seats you, instead of waiting until after you've eaten your meal!
But I digress.
My client was a lady from Illinois who is a surveyor for a construction company and is on her feet all day. She used to get massage all the time until recently, when she moved to a new town. She's tried three different therapists but can't find anybody who does deep enough work.
Of course, I took this as a challenge! She left the treatment room extremely satisfied, not just because I gave her a kick-ass massage, but also because I recommended a new author to her! You see, I noticed she was reading "Guilty Pleasures", by Laurell K. Hamilton, so we chatted about fantasy/horror fiction, Vampires, etc. throughout the massage. She'd never heard of Charlaine Harris or her Southern Vampire Mystery series before, so I was ecstatic to be able to infect another reader with the Sookie Stackhouse bug! (Also showing on HBO, thankyouverymuch!)
As I said before, I was extremely busy, so it wasn't until later that I picked up my tips from the front desk. Included was a tip envelope from this client, who had already tipped me ten dollars by credit additional twenty in cash!
What a nice surprise! This has never happened to me before, so I'm relishing the experience.
Thank you, nice lady from Illinois! Hope you enjoy the books...


Blondefabulous said...

Pre-tipping? What is this pretipping you speak of? That sounds like a way for people to stiff you.

Putz said...

pre tipping through the tulips, through the tulips, come pre tipping thriough the tulips with me

Chuck said...

Good for you! I'm digging True Blood and am anxious to get the books. Guess I'll have to order them from Amazon sometime.

Buck said...

Never having had a massage in these United States, I was somewhat surprised at the cost. Or, to put it another way: Yowza!

Having read the comments to your previous post, Christina, I'll NOT discuss any of my experiences with masseuses in Bangkok... and points north in that same country. Except to say I was single and fancy-free, at the time (mid-'70s). And that the going rate for the... ummm... services... was about 20% of what you quoted. But that's more than likely inflation at play. ;-)

Christina RN LMT said...

Blondie - I KNOW! I'm most suspicious if I get a huge tip in advance from a male client. I'm always worried they're going to ask for "extra."

Putz - your mind works in mysterious ways...and I LIKE it!

Chuck - you can't go wrong with Charlaine Harris. Her books are truly outstanding.

Buck - everything on the Strip is more expensive. And we're the cheapest spa on the Strip!

Heh-heh, you said "inflation!"
Sorry, dirty mind at work again!

RunninL8 said...

Hey, there from Alaska! I'm a sistah in bodywork and found you via Tundra Medicine Dreams.
And I'm with you on the wimpy handshake thing. The worst is the "lightly holding the fingertips" shake.
Bleh! It's always great to read another MT blog! One amazing MT blog I've come across:
And you read Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper, too! Cool!
Look forward to reading more so off i go to peruse!

Christina RN LMT said...

Welcome, RunninL8!
Thanks for stopping by (and commenting!)
I love Tundra Medicine Dreams...*sigh* Sometimes I wish I had the balls to do something like that. But one day...:)
I'll be sure to check out your blog(s), too!

phlegmfatale said...

well-done on the pre-/post tips! Something to be said for being VERY busy!

Christina RN LMT said...

Definitely, Phlegmmy.
I was really shocked when I saw the lady's name on the tip envelope. "Wait a minute...didn't she tip me already?!"

HollyB said...

I always worry I'm not tipping enough. I generally give 15 to 20 %. Is that acceptable?