Thursday, June 28, 2007

Die Hard 4...

kicks total ass!!!
Really enjoyed it, even though (or maybe because) it was completely over the top.
Loved all the snarky humor, thought the bad guy was a little lame, but, oh, well, can't have everything.

On Saturday I will be 36 weeks pregnant, which is considered full-term for twins.
However, my doc wants me to try to make it to 37 weeks and two days, because Monday the 9th of July is convenient for him. Whatever! The babies will come when they're ready, and I seriously doubt I can make it all the way to the 9th!

Speaking of twins, had to think of a bit Ray Romano did after he and his wife had identical twin boys, about how it was imperative that twins be at least decent-looking, because they're TWINS!
I remembered this because at Walmart the other day, my daughter and I saw a couple with identical twin boys, about a year-and-a-half old, who were cross-eyed. (Let me clarify, the twins were cross-eyed, not the parents!)

Silver of course said I was mean to even notice, but come on! You already do a double-take when you see twins, identical ones anyway, and for them to have a very visible physical "defect" like that, it's got to be blog fodder!

Hey, it's not like I pointed and laughed!

And I know that the problem can be fixed, so shut up already about what an evil bitch I am, 'kay?

Anything else going on? Let me think. Nope, I think I'm done for now.


Sonja said...

I'm SO looking forward to that movie. Bruce Willis defying gravity (and reality while he's at it), getting all bloodied up? What's not to love?!! ;)

Christina RN LMT said...

Seriously, in one scene he is COVERED in blood, the next he is all clean again, but you can see the scrapes/cuts.
Where/when did he find water to clean up???
I don't care, it is a great movie!
Just suspend disbelief!
I did mention to Silver at one point that I hoped the movie wasn't giving hackers/terrorists any ideas...

phlegmfatale said...

You know, at 36 weeks of pregnancy, you're to be allowed a little bit of snark. That was funny!

You made me want to see Die Hard 4. Coolness