Sunday, February 04, 2007


I love the mountains, and I love the desert.

But I have to tell you, I'm getting really tired of the city of Las Vegas.

It's just plain UGLY.

Also tacky, tawdry, with no buildings of architectural value.
Anything that might have any historical value gets imploded to make way for the newest mega-resort or high-rise condo tower.
The streets are overcrowded and the public transportation is a joke.

On the other hand, Las Vegas has enormous energy, and one can have a lot of fun here.
Also, I've found most of the locals to be very friendly and helpful (not just in the tourist areas, either!)

Coming from the East Coast, this was a welcome change!

Don't get me wrong, Las Vegas has been very good to me, and I don't see myself leaving in the foreseeable future, but I eventually want to be somewhere
green, with trees that aren't palm trees or pines, where it rains more than five times a year, where I can have space, and feel that I can breathe freely.

Sometimes I feel like I can never be completely happy, no matter where I live, but I've come pretty damn close here.
So I guess I'll stick around for a while.

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