Friday, April 15, 2011

I feel all...special!

It seems I'm running with the big dogs now, or at least Scott seems to think so!

Both Breda and Peter have gotten solicitations by this Scott person, and I guess he's just working his way through somebody's blogroll. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (NOT!).



Dear Christina,

I am writing to you with a great interest in composing a guest blog for your website. I am a health, safety, and political advocate with a passion for economics and our nation's fiscal responsibility. I believe that under our current administration, budgets have become lopsided in favor of trendy "green" environmental policies. In light of the recent push by the House GOP to curb some of the overzealous EPA regulations, I feel that I could write a compelling article that would be of great interest to the readers of (

Please feel free to email me back if this interests you.

Best Regards,

Scott Portman

I didn't reply and if you're reading this, Scott, I'm not interested in letting you post anything on MY blog. You wouldn't get the readership you're interested in, anyway. :P


North said...

If his goal is to get his name posted all over the place, then everyone has helped him.

Mike W. said...

He didn't tell you you're hot. What a bastard! :P

North said...

Breda sent him an abrupt 'no' and he replied that she was hot. Perhaps he likes abuse.

I suggest telling him he is a very bad boy and threatening to spank his bare end.

Always a good move to do with creepy blog stalkers. Am I right? Hello?

Old NFO said...


Shannon said...

Wow. Pretentious...or maybe pathetic.

be603 said...

What? No "P.S. UR HAWT?"

Stick around, I'm sure there an old sailor or two in the audience who'll offer you that validation. They always do -- just a matter of time (and liquor). :)

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