Thursday, May 21, 2009

TSA = Those Self-important Assholes

I'm sure you've all read Breda's account of her not-so-gentle treatment at the hands of the TSA wonks on her trip to Phoenix. Well a few days ago I discovered that one doesn't even have to be at the airport to experience the idiocy of the TSA!

I've been assisting a friend by getting some info on local airplane charter companies, and I searched the Yahoo! local yellow pages to get a list of companies and their contact info. One of the last companies I called was TWC Aviation Inc.

I got a voicemail, so I left a message and went about my business.

About an hour later my phone rang, I answered, and the following exchange occurred:

Me: Hello, this is Christina!

Unidentified Dude: Yes, I received a call from this number, asking that I call back?

Me: Yes, I'm calling all airplane charter companies in town, and wanted to...

UD (interrupting me): How did you get this number?!

Me: Ummm, Yahoo?

UD: Well this is a secure line, you have no business calling here.

Me: You're listed on the Yahoo yellow pages!

UD: This is a government phone! It's the TSA!

Me: You might want to check into why you're listed on the Yahoo yellow pages under "TWC Aviation, Inc."!

UD: Not even close, this is a government phone, the TSA! Please remove this number from your list and don't call again.

Me: I don't HAVE a list, I searched all airplane charter companies in Las Vegas, and this phone number was in the yellow pages. That's not MY problem!

UD: It's a secure line!

Me: Apparently NOT. Thank you for your time. (I hang up)

There you have it, Folks!

Remember, if you're looking for a charter plane in Vegas, whatever you do, under no circumstances should you call TWC Aviation, Inc. at 702-262-9700...

Because it's a secure line! It's a government phone!

It's the fucking TSA, Bitches!

And don't you forget it.


Buck said...

You may have accidentally stumbled on to that charter outfit USAF uses to ferry employees between Vegas and the air base out at Area 51. I saw a segment on them on a History Channel show... they fly two white-with-red-stripes (and otherwise unmarked) 727s twice a day between Vegas and the super-secret base and are VERY secretive about their ops, for obvious reasons. It's not inconceivable that their phone number wound up on Yahoo! for one reason or another, given the screw-ups we've seen in the intelligence community of late. You may or may not have been talking to TSA... regardless of how they ID'ed themselves.

Just sayin'.

Lin said...

Unbelievable ... that's gov't security for ya. And you'd think they would have been appreciative that you pointed it out .... grrrr! How snottily arrogant and stunned!

Christina LMT said...

Ahhh. Thanks, Buck! That's certainly more palatable than what the conversation led me to believe.

I know, Lin! I was trying to help, once I realized that the listing was obviously incorrect. Sheesh. Some people.

Sonja said...

Wow. Stupid AND rude! Amazing...

Roismhaire said...

D'ye want me to call them and start talking gaelic to them?

Christina LMT said...

It sort of goes hand-in-hand with "government phone", doesn't it, Sonja?

Roismhaire, when you come to Vegas, I'll take you to Nine Fine Irishmen at the New York-New York, just for making that offer! That would be too funny, though...:P

Mad Saint Jack said...

All Ur secured lines are belong to us.

Christina LMT said...

For using a "Zero Wing" reference, Mad Saint Jack wins the Internet!

(and thanks for stopping by...:))

Roberta X said...

Have the "Janet" flights picked up a new cover ID? Oh, dearie, dearie me.

...OTOH, a LMT would probably do a lot of good at Groom Lake NAS....

Christina LMT said...

ZOMG! Roberta X comments on MY blog...I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!Who knows the truth? Certainly not moi, I'm just a mild-mannered massage therapist!
LMTs do a lot of good everywhere, Roberta...speaking of which, when was YOUR last massage? ;)

Thank you for stopping by and giving me a squeeeeee moment.