Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seriously, I'm NOT a prostitute, I'm just a working girl!

I had my orientation for the World Series of Poker last night (Oh, and THANKS, President Obama, for making me LATE!).

Naturally the orientation was at the Rio, because that's where the tournament is being held. Afterwards, I was headed back to my car to drive over to the New York-New York (part-time job, remember?), and I was talking to Silver on my cell, giving her a rundown of events. I hopped on the elevator to the parking garage as a gentleman joined me.

I mentioned to Silver that I'd probably have to leave the house at six every evening I'm working there, because it takes almost half an hour just to get from the parking garage to the venue for the tournament, then I added the apparently suggestive phrase: "This should be quite lucrative!"

My fellow elevator rider held up his palm to me and said, quite loudly, "I don't want to know!"

I was shocked, and started blurting, "But, I'm a MASSAGE TH..." He interrupted with, "I REALLY don't want to know!"

As he exited the elevator, a floor before I needed to get off, I shouted after him, "NO, NO, I'm a MASSAGE THERAPIST for the World Series of Poker!" and shook my uniform shirt, which I'd had slung over my shoulder, at him. He turned around, and as the elevator doors were closing, asked, "Oh, do you have a business card?"

*blink blink*


Julie said...

hehehe - one way to attract new customers :)

vw: whiener (seriously!)

Christina LMT said...

Yeah, not sure if I'd WANT to massage this fellow!

Blondefabulous said...

Just make sure to tell him there will be no happy ending!

Christina LMT said...

That's one thing a therapist does NOT have to worry about at WSOP, those folks are serious. The worst thing that can happen is your client is a rude asshole.

Buck said...

Well... Enquiring Minds wanna know... DO you have biz cards?

Christina LMT said...

I have business cards from my full-time job, yes. I'm not allowed to hand out any business cards at the World Series, though. That's in our contract! We're supposed to promote the spa at the Rio. *sigh*

phlegmfatale said...


I think that was just a case of wishful thinking on his part. What a bastard!

Christina LMT said...

Well, Phlegmmy...I did find it kinda rude that he just interjected himself into my conversation. Granted, I was talking in public, but still!