Sunday, October 25, 2015

There's somebody behind the curtain!!!!

I'm giving a patient an extended-release potassium pill, which is gigantic and extremely foul-tasting. The patient is having a procedure, so can't eat or drink anything (except for her meds), so she can't chug a giant glass of water to get the pill down. You can't dissolve it, crush it, or chew it, either...unfortunately, the instant it comes into contact with moisture, it starts dissolving...and tastes incredibly disgusting.

Me (watching the patient shove the pill all the way to the back of her throat with her finger): Oh, it's like giving a cat a pill!

The patient's twenty-something daughter: It's like giving a blow job...

Me (inside my head): Only if you have a gag reflex...
The patient reaches out with her free hand and smacks her daughter's arm: I can't take you anywhere!

Me (to the daughter): Maybe that's not the best thing to say in a semi-private room!!!


Things to consider when you're in the hospital:
-even if you're in a private room: NO PRIVACY
-but definitely worse when you have a roommate: you can hear EVERYTHING, including when the other patient is shitting into the bedside commode.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't coat it with butter or surgilube?

Home on the Range said...

I think I'll take my day of meetings instead :-)

Old NFO said...

Hospital rooms are a great equalizer... LOL

Christina RN LMT said...

Genericviews, I'll remember the butter thing next time!

Brigid, I'd rather clean up after incontinent patients all day than have a day of meetings. *shudder*

Old NFO, you got THAT right!