Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Interesting day at work.

Not only was I called The Human Rolling-pin (a good thing, trust me), but I was subjected to (too) much conversation on the brilliance of a client's child. Yeah, the mom told me how much her daughter's "photogenic memory" helped her in school. I had to bite my tongue and just nodded my head and murmured assent. Hey, I need the tip money!


Blondefabulous said...

According to Sheldon, it's an eidetic memory anyway so that lady was WAY off!
(And my CAPTCHA word was TWAT!! WTF man?!?)

Old NFO said...

Snerk... Blonde beat me to it! And "I" didn't get a cool CAPTCHA, matter of fact it's not even a WORD... sigh

Buck said...

Well, mebbe the child's memory IS cute. In a Dubya sorta way, like "misremembering" things. Apropos o' not much, I sure do miss that guy. Still.

(Odd... Firefox likes "misremembering" but puts the hated squiggly red line under "Dubya.")

Robert said...

I thought W said "misunderestimate", which is getting a red sqiggly underline as I type. "misremember" is perfectly cromulent..

WV "sepanki" which, if I don't misremember, is the plural of the word for ritual Japanese suicide while being spanked in a naughty manner.