Sunday, May 20, 2012


-My new dentist's office, while being the typical, generic chain office (pushing upsales, etc.), redeems itself by playing hard rock/metal at adequate volumes. Everything's better with Iron Maiden. Even dentistry.

-Why didn't I realize until yesterday how much the Tobey Maguire "Spiderman" movies irritate me? I guess the first one was okay, but the rest? Ugh.

-Giving up caffeine (my precioussssssssssss) is fucking hard. And it makes me cranky.

-I can't wait for my massage on Wednesday. My colleague A. has her work cut out for her!

-New Englanders can't drive worth shit. Or they CAN, they just don't care to. Which pisses me off.

-I have a new mantra running through my head: Silver is an adult. Silver is an adult. Silver is an adult.
I guess it's more difficult than I realized to give up old patterns of behavior. I have to keep reminding myself that when I was Silver's age, I was married and getting ready to give birth to HER. And I knew EVERYTHING. I will probably have to amend the mantra when Chaos and TallyAngel get here next month, since they are adults, too.

-Why don't people listen? I bring clients into the treatment room, point out the chair, side table, and wall hooks on which they can place their clothing and sundry other items, then I come back into the room to find their stuff piled on the floor. Who puts their clothes on the floor, outside of their own homes? Weird.

-SCI-FI and MrsSCI-FI have the patience of saints. Just sayin'...


Old NFO said...

One of THOSE days eh??? :-)

Lissa said...

When I gave up caffeine for BabyKitty, I found that a French press and freshly ground decaf can fool my brain into thinking it's the real stuff.

Sort of.


Christina LMT said...

NFO, apparently. I just reread the post and DAMN, I was cranky!

Lissa, decaf coffee has plenty of caffeine in it, just saying. It has too much caffeine for me, anyway. Ditto decaf tea. Only things labeled "caffeine-free" have NO caffeine. Nothing fools my brain in that regard, either. But cumulative caffeine effects turn me into a crazy person, so I'm better off just avoiding it altogether.

Suldog said...

Well, I was going to ask why you gave up coffee, but I guess you just answered that. Instead, let me just say that you don't necessarily want to lump all New Englanders into the same "bad driver" pile. The closer you get to Massachusetts, the worse it becomes. Radiate outward toward other states and it lessens. My personal theory is that Massachusetts needs the licensing, registrations, sales taxes on car sales, and ticketing revenue, to make ends meet, so they give out licenses as though they were prizes in a Crackerjacks box.

memory_lucky12 said...

I love Spiderman 2. But Tobey Maguire ain't the real Spiderman. Spiderman is supposed to be cynical, dark, but sarcastic and humorous. After all, he's young. Tobey Maguire portrayed the character with too much maturity. I can't wait to see what Andrew Garfield does with the role. That, and I'm scared if it will be bad, this new Spiderman movie.

I'm not an adult. I will tell you that right now. The numerical age does NOT match with the mental age (around 12 to 13). But I'm working on it...

I'm thinking I'll become one when I accept that I know absolutely nothing. I can't get that into my thick skull.

By the way, we're there in a month minus twelve days, so that's... less than a month! Huzzah!

Christina LMT said...

Jim, I'll take your word for it. Yeah, Bostonians are definitely the worst drivers around.

Chaos, I'm hoping that the reboot rocks, too! And you and your sister are going to be here in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS, ZOMG!