Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I don't care.

My lovely and talented eldest daughter, Silver the Evil Chao, mentioned on facebook the other day that she feels like people are laughing at her behind her back.

Fuck the haters.

I know for a fact that people were laughing at me at the gym today, because I heard them, and I really don't care. Hey, I was bopping to a catchy song between sets, because I need all the motivation I can scrounge just to work out to begin with. Plus, the song reminds me of the epic roadtrip last summer with my twins!

La la la la la!

Hey, at least I wasn't singing along...out loud. :D

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Weer'd Beard said...

There are also people who behind her back who are thinking good things about her.

I think Silver is Awesome-Sauce. I know you think even higher of her.

There are people out there who despise me. I'd rather that wasn't so, its nothing to be proud of.

that being said I'm pretty confident that there are more people who love and respect me than hate or despise me.

I'd call that a net win!

Its all about perspective!