Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unexpected, yet welcome!

As I was bitching pissing and moaning whining dulcetly complaining for the millionth time about my lower back pain yesterday, my friend B. eyed me up and down and abruptly said, "Lie down!"

*blink blink*

"Uh, right here?" (We were in the living room at the time.)

"Yup, right here on the floor."

"Okay...?" Remembering with trepidation the many, MANY times my last chiropractor had attempted to adjust my lower back, I complied.

Then B., RN and one-time Physical Therapy student, proceeded to rearrange me to her liking.

"Flex that knee and bend the leg over to the floor...straighten the other lay your upper body flat...okay, where exactly does it hurt?"

I lifted the hem of my t-shirt a bit and prodded my left SI joint.

"Right here, and the pain extends across my hip and a bit down my leg, it feels WRONG, like something's catching there."

B. kneeled next to me and palpated the joint, saying, "'s definitely protruding a little more here than the other side..." Then she leaned over and cupped my left knee with her left hand, pulled it toward her, and PUSHED with her right hand against my recalcitrant ilium.


Oh. MY. GOD.

I felt things shifting all across my lower back, even in my right hip.

B. kept the pressure steady, until it was pretty obvious that my back was finished adjusting, then she rubbed it a bit and said, matter-of-factly, "All done."

As I turned over to lie flat on my back and stretch, pain-free for the first time in months, I batted my eyes at B. and asked, "Marry me?"

Alas, she turned me down flat, laughing even (her hubby beat me to the punch YEARS ago), but she did agree to getting a massage from me.

Somehow, it doesn't seem like enough.

Thanks so very much, B.!

*grumble grumble* Stupid'd better stay where you belong, or I'll sic B. on you again!


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Bag Blog said...

I married a CPA because I hate doing taxes and anything business related. But my second choice would be a massage therapist.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Good for you...or rather, good ON you!

North said...

One of you needs to come over here. Significant shoulder pain going on 9-10 weeks, now....

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Left SI joint?

Oh, God, send her here, please!

Lissa said...

I love stories with a happy ending :)

On a Wing and a Whim said...


Nurses and Physical Therapists know how to make it hurt so good...

Enjoy being pain-free! May you stay that way!

Geodkyt said...

I had one person able to do that for me. he relieved years of pain and stiffness I didn't even notice before. Stuff loosened up from shoulder to toes. . . it was months before I had any stiffness anywhere. . . it was better than average sex. . .

Unfortunately, no such luck in over 15 years finding someone who could even pop my back.

Old NFO said...

Ah yes, it really DOES feel better when it stops hurting! :-) Good for you and for her!

be603 said...

Oh man, I feel that. So happy for you. Pain is a growth industry. Thank the Lord for those who can help bring relief.

I've have right SI lock up and outflexed for months at a time. Compounded with my massively ruptured L4/5 and decently rupture L3/4 it was a reaalll good time. Finally cracked the code experimenting with Egoscue Method and a top Egoscue clinician. It dropped into place with "kaTHUNK" one night after 2+ hours of progressive supine groin stretch. Oh Lordy Lordy. I've since learned what's tend toward dysfunctional with my hip function and I need to tend to to stay clear of it.

Better than sex? Hmm. As big a release/relief after -- for sure.

Christina RN LMT said...

be603, now I have to do some research! I'm glad that worked for you and I hope you continue to improve. Good luck!