Friday, December 18, 2009


So, Tuesday was my last day at the spa, and I had no regrets whatsoever at leaving. Most of the people who worked there with me from the beginning are long gone, having moved on to bigger and better things. (Sound familiar? ;)) Not to mention that I made a whopping $175 the entire last week I worked there.

It was a completely different story at the chiropractor's. Yesterday was my last day there, and I was very sorry to see my patients for the last time. A patient I've been massaging for months was scheduled, and since we always chat during our sessions, she knew it was my last day and that I was moving to Texas. This lady is unemployed at the moment, living with her sister, and has no car. She instead rides her bike all over the valley, taking enormous risks (in my opinion), since this town is not exactly bicyclist friendly! She's also a full-time student, and for obvious reasons, she's extremely short of cash. After the massage was over, I went into the room to change the sheets and found 15 one-dollar bills and a mound of change on the table, underneath her discarded gown. I was so touched that she'd literally emptied her pockets for me. It's nice to know that such a special lady is rooting for me and appreciates me!

One of my previously discharged patients called the office wanting to know who was there, since she had some home-made pomegranate jelly to give to everyone, and when she heard it was my last day and that we'd had a no-show, she raced over to fill the slot and paid out of her own pocket, her insurance benefits having been exhausted already. Oh, and I got a jar of jelly, too. :)

She also asked me, if I had time, to come over to her house this evening to massage her and her daughter, and I was glad to do so. Not only is she super-nice and one of my very favorite patients, but every little bit of money is going to help me with my moving expenses.

I'm going to miss these special people, but hope to still stay in touch. (H'ray for the intarwebz!)

Tomorrow I load up the rental truck (which I'm picking up at 7:30 AM...GAH!) and hit the road toward my new life.

I can't wait to get started.


Miz Minka said...

I'm so excited for you! Good luck on the move, safe journey and all that jazz. *Raising a toast*: Here's to new beginnings! :)

Buck said...

That ol' saw about "what goes around, comes around" applies here, methinks. You're a good person, Christina... and it shows in your writing.

Good luck and drive safe on the way to Tejas!

Christina RN LMT said...

Miz Minka, and I'll raise a toast for you and Mr. Greenthumbs on your move to a home sans Old (evil) Cow...

Buck, if what goes around comes around, you must have plenty more good stuff headed your way, since you are a kind man!