Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Christina's Words of Wisdom #2

If you're planning on receiving a massage...take a shower first!

Pay particular attention to your feet.

Your therapist will thank you.


Jake Silver said...

I found your Blog thru Detailed Recruiter and I'm adding it to my BlogRoll! So far, I like reading...

Christina said...

Thanks, Jake!
I'm glad my (not so)humble offerings are found worthy.
Now, if only I had time to post more!

SFC B said...

Every time I see "therapist" I think of the SNL skit with Sean Connery on Jeopardy going "THE RAPIST for $100".

Christina said...

SFC B - is that good or bad?
Yes, Massage Therapists are very anal about being called "therapists". Don't call me a "masseuse", I'd have to hurt you!
I'm sure you can figure out the difference.

Kelly said...

God, people have no shame do they.

I'd never go to a massage therapist without showering first. People are so gross.

Christina said...

Kelly, tell me about it!

I have my clinical internship every weekend at my school, and I must perform 5-and-a-half hours of massage on the public.

This is great, because by the time I graduate (six more weeks!!!!), I'll have plenty of experience working on all different kinds of people and body types.

Unfortunately, too many of the clients seem to think, since it's very inexpensive to get the massage at the school, and since, after all, we're only students, common courtesy and normal hygiene are unnecessary.

This makes for some gross and stinky sessions.

Oh, well, all grist for the (blog-) mill, right?